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Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner

June 26th, 2011

Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner for Travel

Sound Conditioners

Is your spouse’s snoring, loud neighbors or other irritating noises keeping you awake at night? With a Marpac TSC-330 Sound conditioner this is no longer a problem. This unique device create soothing, natural sounds that effectively mask out unwanted noise that may interfere with your ability to concentrate on work or studies, sleep, relax, or meditate.

Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner for Travel is a small lightweight travel model (Larger Book Size) and it’s sounds of rain, waterfall or surf mask the strange noises that keep you awake even in the best hotels. The TSC-330 surrounds you with an environment of “conditioned” sounds that are continuous and pleasant, and works like a balm to soothe and relax.

It might sound crazy to shell out your hard earned cash for a machine that’s only purpose is to emulate a softly whooshing vacuum cleaner. But once you get one of these some users claim that you’ll never want to sleep without it again!

As one happy user states:

My wife calls it the “sleep machine”, as the bedroom in our house faces the street and we have to deal with traffic noises and cars going by at all hours, the Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner masks those sounds and enables us to get to sleep and stay asleep.”

The Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner for Travel creates white noise emulating adjustable rain, waterfall and surf settings, creating a familiar sound environment while away from home and is compact and lightweight and comes with a travel pouch included.

What others have to say about the Marsona TSC-330 Sound Conditioner:-

“The machine works. It makes a masking sound that shuts out ambient noise. There is a two day period to get used to the sound and then you will not wish to be without it.”

“I just ordered this white noise generator to replace one that broke. This one is far superior, soundwise (great sound, lots of options to tweak it to your preferences, great control). It is the perfect size for travel, and comes in its own pouch.”

“Everything is fine with the exception that you can’t use batteries. You have to plug it in which limits its use. Otherwise it is fine.”

“This Marsona TSC-330, white noise travel sound conditioner is the best thing I ever bought! I used to roll around in bed,pulling the bed apart for an hour or more trying to get some sleep. Plug in the Marsona TSC-330 when you want a restful sleep,anytime, day or night.


List Price: $ 79.95 but you will get it for less from here


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anyone know more than the average joe about CENTRAL sleep apnea? (non snoring)?

June 24th, 2011

I feel when I dream for a long time I wake up feeling heavy and weak with a weak pulse but not like I have to breath rapidly but feel abit winded and well I’m not overweight.. completely lack the double chin they say a normal sleep apnea person usually has(or any slack inside or ourside your neck) I’ve had the sleep test waited 7 months. they said nothing happened, but they hooked me up with so many probes that I couldn’t possibly sleep deeply enough and it took me many hours to even get close to sleeping. had no dreams and woke up feeling really refreshed oddly more than all those stupid discomfort causing things attached to me caused a light sleep so that my sleep problem never occurred. ironically during the test to find out if I had it or not ugh. so noow I either have to reinroll into a test that doesn’t have the p roper environment to cause it or I keep suffering(its not every night but when I enter dream sleep) or sleep for more than 2 hours in darkness.
—>anyone know about central or other types of sleep apnea that don’t involve obstruction? <——–
or if you have another idea what could be obstructing it(I sleep on my back most times) but on my side lately so I haven’t been suffering from it as much. (ps I don’t have asthma)

Everyone has the same problem with the sleep test – they are bothered by the strange and different environment and so on. So the people doing the test know that and it is common. So in that sense, your situation is not that different from other people.

In central sleep apnea the brain does not send the correct signals to the muscles that control your breathing. Central sleep apnea is less common than obstructive sleep apnea, accounting for less than 5 percent of sleep apneas.

You don’t say how old you are, but many people who suffer from night terrors as children grow up to continue to have sleep problems as adults, so you might want to do a little investigating about your sleep history. Consider the possibility that you may be having night terrors or even sleep walking, both of which would mean disrupted sleep.

There are several different types of central sleep apnea. Check here.

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The incidence of sleep disorders – insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and others – is rapidly increasing and they pose a real and seri…

June 18th, 2011

The incidence of sleep disorders – insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and others – is rapidly increasing and they pose a real and seri… – by mysleep4sure (alex monroy)

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