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could this be sleep apnea maybe?

February 7th, 2012

Ok so my aunt is always tired she’s always yawning everytime i see her and she always has dark circles under her eyes. She has put on some weight in the recent 2 years but isnt overweight really,Shes from out of town and is a teacher. She doesnt snore loud if at all so maybe it could be central sleep apnea but highly unlikely or maybe she does have obstructive sleep apnea and justs gasps for breath and really doesnt snore loud so people really wouldnt hear her and be able to tell I dont know

I have sleep apnea and it sounds just like me. I actually went to the Dr. and he sent me to a Sleep Center where I had a test done overnight and now use a CPAP turned out I got less than 15 mins of REM sleep every night…I now sleep 8 to 9 hours a night…she needs help.
Peace, Love & Happiness

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