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What are the affects of sleep apnea?

May 27th, 2013

Sometimes during the day, I suddenly feel disoriented, and a bit dizzy.
A neighbor said it might be caused by sleep apnea, I’m not sure and before I go see the doctor, I want to find out a bit more about what sleep apnea actually is.

I would check with a doctor. You could be having rhythm problems with your heart.

One of the main symptoms one with apnea will notice is that they are always too tired to do anything. They will have no energy, and will often drop off in a nap if they get still long enough.

There are 2 types of sleep apnea-the most common (90%+)is called "obstructive apnea" and involves air passages becoming restricted during sleep. There is a lot of snoring. Usually the spouse of a person with obstructive apnea will know it. It is generally well treated with a "c-pap" machine. Positive air pressure is kept on the breathing passages to help keep them open. The success rate of treatment is generally very high.

Then there is "central apnea" where the brain forgets to send out the signal to breathe. This is not common. Treatment usually is done with a "v-pap" machine (there are other types), and often medication (sleeping pill) is required. The "v-pap" varies in pressure from intake to outgo, and can even ventilate the patient when they stop breathing. Success is not nearly as good as with Obstructive apnea.
Some people have varying degrees of both apneas called "complex apnea".

Sleep studies are expensive, about $4 grand. Some c-paps are just a few hundred dollars. But variable pressure auto ventilators costs about $6 grand. If you have a decent insurance, then you may only spent a few hundred out of pocket.

Sleep apnea is dangerous.

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