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Dead Tired

August 29th, 2009

Dead Tired:- A Must See Documentary

Dead Tired DVD Jacket Cover

Dead Tired DVD Jacket Cover

If you suffer from Sleep Apnea, Insomnia or any other sleep disorder that is reducing your capacity to get a restful nights sleep then this SBS Documentary titled Dead Tired is a must see for you to understand what the lack of sleep is possibly doing to your body.

Originally broadcast on SBS TV in May 2009 this Dead Tired Documentary has now been purchased by National Geographic as well.

Dead Tired Documentary Summary:- in SBS’s Words:

Many scientists believe tiredness is the biggest health problem facing humanity and now they’ve got the evidence to prove it. New medical studies reveal that sleep deprivation can trigger and exacerbate many diseases including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even depression

The problem is that on average each of us gets 90 minutes less sleep than our ancestors did 100 years ago and our sleep-dependent bodies simply can’t cope.

So today one-third of us have insomnia while another third are dangerously sleep deprived by such conditions as sleep apnea. Experts claim that sleepiness is “the smoking gun of the modern age” and unless we radically shift our attitude towards sleep we are heading for a medical meltdown. The American Sleep Foundation reports that sleep deprivation, not cancer or coronary illness, now constitutes the number one killer in the Western World.

This documentary series, titled “Dead Tired“, Produced and Directed by Paul Scott, is the first to feature the cutting edge science behind why most of us are sleep deprived and the dramatic effect this is having on both our bodies and our lives. It details the frightening reality that tiredness is now a sinister killer that’s spreading like a pandemic through today’s 24/7 activity-driven Society.

Episode 1 – Awake is the New Sleep

This is a detailed investigation on how sleep deprivation causes sickness and death in today’s society. We profile the cutting edge science that proves that tiredness impairs performance, affects our mind and damages the body.

Dead Tired Subject - SEAN in a Crowd

Dead Tired Subject - SEAN in a Crowd

Our main story features a unique scientific experiment where we observe in real time what happens to a healthy 25-year old when he cuts back his sleep from 8 to 3 hours a night for one week. We witness how he becomes psychotic, dreams whilst awake and drives a car while fast asleep!


Episode 2 – Planet Insomnia

What are the causes, consequences and cures for INSOMNIA – now the world’s most common medical disorder? This episode features 4 personal stories, including how one Australian woman cured her insomnia with yoga alone and how a sleep doctor goes about curing the insomnia and depression of a suicidal teenager. It also tells the story of how an innovative American trucking company cured the sleep problems of its 675 drivers and how an Australian woman acted bizarrely after taking a sleeping pill. She faces 7 years in jail unless her lawyer can convinced the judge that the sleeping pill was to blame. Unfortunately SBS no longer has the link to these Episodes live.

The DVD can now be purchased online. The DVD contains both 1-hour episodes and 40 minutes of additional material.

CLICK – To get to the website that is selling the DVD of Dead TiredHERE



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