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Oral / nasal (snoring congestion bruxism etc.) device review

April 3rd, 2010

Serveral OTC devices reviewed. Somnomed expensive ($1500 insurance $500 pocket), not so easy to get used to, I only tolerate when tired and relaxed and not when otherwise might have difficulty getting to sleep. Been wearing’s snore-no-more for sports and sleep prior to deviated septum repair surgery (post-op depicted herein as well). Also for exercise American Dental Union’s ebay-sold (not sold on tv as yet) device where you make your own imprint and send them back for device forming. Aveotsd is apparently for the “edentials”? (untoothed) (welcome someone to buy my old one). My TMJ+ doc here says soft things are not suited for bruxism and cause TMJ. Don’t know if cosmetic orthodontics is relevent. Can’t stay what’s “best” for bruxism, apnea (oh yeah, may pursue pillar treatment and may follow up on CPAP if next sleep test does not show sufficient progress on apnea). Hope display of variety of available devices is helpful to the u2bmunity. Good luck.

Duration : 0:4:25

[youtube 4ddy8jlK_zI]

4 Responses

  1. gambatte1 Says:

    I could not get …
    I could not get used to it. It made my tongue hurt. My doctor said it’s suitable for edentials (people with no teeth). Welcome to buy mine; I’ll mail you to discuss.

  2. DavidWatts4 Says:

    Hi gambatte1,

    can …
    Hi gambatte1,

    can you please give me a short summary of the problems with the aveo TSD (this tounge-fixing-device)? Maybe you can protect me from “throwing my money throughout the window” (as we say in Germany).
    Is there no chance to get used to this device?

  3. gambatte1 Says:

    Thanks excellent …
    Thanks excellent question. See addition to text info clip description above. Rock on.

  4. navegente Says:

    ¿Then… What is …
    ¿Then… What is the best?

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