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Twin Force® Bite Corrector Device by Ortho Organizers®

March 19th, 2010

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The Twin Force Bite Corrector Device is a revolutionary orthodontic intraoral appliance for the correction of Class II and Class III malocclusion.

Dependable and reliable — Nickel titanium springs exert continual low forces with predictable results in a minimal amount of time

Easy to use — Titanium components provide a secure lock onto the archwire, allowing every placement and removal of this single-piece appliance to be done chair side in just seconds

Time and cost savings — No waiting for the lab to fabricate the appliance

No patient cooperation required — Maximum results with minimal patient cooperation

Comfortable — Increased lateral excursion not found with most distalizing appliances

Versatile — Suitable for both extraction and non-extraction cases

Duration : 0:5:20

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  1. sanaona Says:

    hi i would like to …
    hi i would like to know this is the same as using elastic band

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