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Apnea Mask Hacks

July 7th, 2010

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Just a few tips on how to wrangle your CPAP mask for a better nights sleep.

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9 Responses

  1. ICELANDIC1 Says:

    Okay…I have heard …
    Okay…I have heard…”Shush, Wush, and Tush” all in one vid. Your linguistic ability rivals none….. 🙂


  2. fehquig Says:

    How could you NOT …
    How could you NOT look sexy, especially with a kitty on your T-shirt? LOL

  3. chipmunks26 Says:

    Hey there. I have a …
    Hey there. I have a Sleep Apena Machine and in the middle of the night I take it off and don’t remember doing it all. What can I do??? I feel like I am lacking oxgyen when I wear it.

  4. Jinxie228 Says:

    Oooh I will have to …
    Oooh I will have to try that if I end up with a one of those dang things. lol

  5. tushygalore Says:

    Thank you ma;am! 😉
    Thank you ma;am! 😉

  6. tushygalore Says:

    Oh yes…. living/ …
    Oh yes…. living/sleeping with Falcon I think I’ve heard it all by now. Ha!

  7. tushygalore Says:

    Congrats on getting …
    Congrats on getting your machine! I’m anxious to hear how you progress with it!

    I got the pillow at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy area near the haircare products. Only $10!

  8. tushygalore Says:

    I don’t even care …
    I don’t even care anymore… it’s a pretty good trade-off if you ask me. 😉

    Today Falcon drew a finger across one of them and said “Wah happen? GANG FIGHT?!”

    The brat!

  9. tushygalore Says:

    What I usually do …
    What I usually do is to put in earbuds and listen to my Zune while I fall asleep… I like sound when I sleep too. 🙂

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