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Base of Tongue Reduction for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

September 12th, 2009 – Base of tongue reduction is demonstrated here using coblation for patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea. Surgery performed by Dr. Thrasher at The ENT Center of McKinney (Texas) and video produced by Dr. Chang at Fauquier ENT Consultants (Warrenton, VA).

Duration : 0:3:49

[youtube uq4WcVQg__c]

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  1. hardstyleravers08 Says:

    hahahaha it does..
    hahahaha it does..

  2. loobylu789 Says:

    It’s the Grey’s …
    It’s the Grey’s Anatomy theme [:

  3. Kadavar Says:

    looks alot like fun …
    looks alot like fun .. NOT

  4. Patrickclark1994 Says:

    the music sounds …
    the music sounds like something by owl city

  5. GumGumHooray Says:

    Ha ha one of the …
    Ha ha one of the side effects of this procedure is Sore Tongue! Really? lol

  6. Markitoslotr Says:

    mustache transplant
    mustache transplant

  7. Shiagirl36 Says:

    this vid actually …
    this vid actually freaks me out a bit

  8. mmmbad Says:

    I’m glad my CPAP …
    I’m glad my CPAP machine does the trick for me. I’d hate to have to go through that.

  9. hhhhhh0778 Says:

    Me Da AscoVomite …
    Me Da AscoVomite AgrrrO_o O___O

  10. SmexyAsianGirls Says:

    LOL These guys …
    LOL These guys sound so fake when they are speaking.

  11. ajanderz Says:

    i wonder if the …
    i wonder if the dude saw this video….

  12. mika68000 Says:


  13. MTdiscussions Says:

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    check out my video of a dwarf giving birth

  14. hrblocked Says:

    Dr. Thrasher? I …
    Dr. Thrasher? I won’t be seeing that doctor just because of his name.

  15. tinnakitty Says:


  16. superbals Says:

    4 days till this is …
    4 days till this is done to me….

  17. allteeth Says:

    I want to be clear. …
    I want to be clear. My only interest is to allow people to sleep well. I love working with patients and taking them step by step to a life of good sleep. This field is being inundated by fly by night independent labs that don’t care about patients, only business. If they can get you to jump through 100 hoops (appointments), they will. Medicare standards don’t help. I love to help patients. I just haven’t seen UPPP success for severe apnea. Take care everyone, good luck no matter what.

  18. allteeth Says:

    I have seen some …
    I have seen some cases of swallowing problems and the loss of ability to hold ones breath underwater. I can’t say many, but some.

  19. allteeth Says:

    Absolutely true. …
    Absolutely true. Some people have alot of tissue that must be removed to open some kind of airway. But it pains me to see patients considering this as an alternative to CPAP just for intolerance to pressure or masks. This procedure does have its merit, but the numbers tell the story.

  20. fauquierent Says:

    Just to be clear, …
    Just to be clear, this surgery IS high risk. All patients spend one night in the Intensive Care Unit and due to risk of swelling, emergency tracheostomy is always a consideration. It’s a rare complication (never happened to me, but I am aware of a few cases throughout the US).

    Other risks include permanent tongue paralysis, trouble swallowing, etc. (again, never happened to me, but know of a few cases in the US).

  21. fauquierent Says:

    UPPP works for SOME …
    UPPP works for SOME patients. Not all… Not even close. But for those who have tonsils the size of 2 golf balls, uvula the size of a pinky, and a thick palate, removal of all that is life-changing.

    Of course, CPAP is the gold standard and surgery is offered only to those who have tried and failed to get used to it.

  22. fauquierent Says:

    On a further note, …
    On a further note, at least 50% of those who come to see us requesting to have this surgery end up NOT being a surgical candidate. There are some patients we have even refused to do this surgery.

  23. fauquierent Says:

    In terms of …
    In terms of appointments, there 2 prior to surgery and 2 after surgery. The 2 appointments after the surgery is to make sure everything is healing fine and to order the final sleep study to document improvement.

  24. fauquierent Says:

    For all patients …
    For all patients considering this surgery, our office maintains a list of patient names and phone numbers who are willing to talk about their experiences. We have plenty of sleep studies performed in an accredited third party slep lab both before and after the surgery which documents the AHI.

  25. enjoytheride85 Says:

    As a sleep tech, …
    As a sleep tech, you are not qualified to interpret results. You may have seen “evidence,” but the interpretation of the polysomnography is left to the professional.

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