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Best Sleep Apnea Pillow

May 13th, 2010

We live in a “quick fix” world. Everywhere we turn, there are miracle cures for whatever ails you. Whether you have a headache, backache, depression, bladder infection, or anything under the sun, there is usually some quick remedy to make it better. What happens when your problem doesn’t fall under the scope of traditional ailments? What happens if your problem is snoring? Have you ever heard of an apnea sleep pillow?

If you have problems with snoring, you know how frustrating the habit can be. Not only does it disturb your spouse or partner’s sleep, it also leaves you feeling tired and drained the next day. No, that’s not your imagination. You may have been puzzled at how you can be tired after having a full eight hours sleep. The bottom line is that when you snore, you actually don’t enjoy a good night’s rest. That’s where an apnea sleep pillow can help.

It’s true that snoring interrupts your normal pattern of sleep. Those people who suffer from sleep apnea have snoring patterns that vary in volume. They are interrupted by silences that are then interrupted by odd sounds such as a gasp or a snort. This is because the snorer is actually experiencing a lapse in breathing. Apnea sufferers often go without breathing for more than ten seconds. That gasping and wheezing sound or that snort is a sign that the person is struggling to catch a breath. This is just one of the reasons why people have turned to apnea sleep pillows for relief.

Sleep apnea pillows are specially designed to help you stop snoring. Since snoring occurs as a response to an obstructed airway, apnea sleep pillows are equipped with elevated foam panels designed specifically to open the airways as much as possible and provide for even, uninterrupted breathing.

If you are dismissing the idea of an apnea sleep pillow by telling yourself you’ll just continue taking an over-the-counter sleeping pill, think again. Any type of sedative can actually worsen your snoring symptoms. So, although the pill may help send you straight to sleep, it won’t boost your quality of sleep. You could still experience apnea episodes.

Each time a person has an apnea episode, his or her body actually shifts into a lower, less restful state of sleep. This explains why patients report being tired and drained all day. Many times it is not about the quantity of sleep but rather the quality. An sleep apnea pillow can help you enjoy a more restful sleep. You’ll be shocked at the difference a pillow can make.

Sleep apnea pillows don’t work for everyone, but countless people have enjoyed the benefits. If you think you suffer from sleep apnea, you need to keep in mind that this is a serious condition that could lead to other illnesses. You should seek medical expertise in order to garner a proper diagnosis. Only your physician can truly give you the best advice on the treatment path you should follow.

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17 Responses

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  2. dragonqb50 Says:

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    i dont need this, i can sleep on a rock

  3. yournomanlady Says:

    if these pillows …
    if these pillows are that expensive should stick to biting your regular pillows

  4. MrMick73 Says:

    The pillow does …
    The pillow does make snoring stop. Look , the pillow has a slot for your arm right underneath, the foam cut out that is left over ,is to be sucked on.

  5. JuberLOL Says:

    speel apnea masks …
    speel apnea masks and other devices can cost up to $500, so stop looking at it as a $100 pillow, and instead a cheaper alternative to a $500 apparatus… thought the pillow wouldn’t be 100% effective like the medical devices are proven to be. 😛

  6. taran501 Says:

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    What the is the problem

  7. biancocraxi Says:

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    uuuuhhhhhhhhh $100 a pillow? right….

  8. nutyhermit Says:

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    I’m shocked alright, at the price you’re asking for these pillows

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  10. EdnaLeed Says:

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  11. vcownzraptors Says:

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    lol from 45 sec to 53 just sleep on the pillow its not that hard lol this is all bullshit

  12. xxratakatxx Says:

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    I can’t stand the narrator! And also… pillows won’t help make snoring stop!

  13. xxratakatxx Says:

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  14. akadru Says:

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  15. KikoKat Says:

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    I always wondered….now I know.

  16. YouHungry4HotPockets Says:

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  17. healthsleep Says:

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    very helpful info

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