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CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

October 17th, 2009

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

This is a bit of what I go through.

Here is more on the subject:

Forty­-five percent of normal adults snore at least occasionally, and 25 percent are habitual snorers. Problem snoring is more frequent in males and overweight persons and it usually grows worse with age. Snoring sounds are caused when there is an obstruction to the free flow of air through the passages at the back of the mouth and nose.

Only recently have the adverse medical effects of snoring and its association with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) been recognized. Various methods are used to alleviate snoring and/or OSA. They include behavior modification, sleep positioning, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), and Laser Assisted Uvula Palatoplasty (LAUP), and jaw adjustment techniques.

What Is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)?

Nasal CPAP delivers air into your airway through a specially designed nasal mask or pillows. The mask does not breathe for you; the flow of air creates enough pressure when you inhale to keep your airway open. CPAP is considered the most effective nonsurgical treatment for the alleviation of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

If your otolaryngologist determines that the CPAP treatment is right for you, you will be required to wear the nasal mask every night. During this treatment, you may have to undertake a significant change in lifestyle. That change could consist of losing weight, quitting smoking, or adopting a new exercise regimen.

Before the invention of the nasal CPAP, a recommended course of action for a patient with sleep apnea or habitual snoring was a tracheostomy, or creating a temporary opening in the windpipe. The CPAP treatment has been found to be nearly 100 percent effective in eliminating sleep apnea and snoring when used correctly and will eliminate the necessity of a surgical procedure.

So, If I Use A Nasal CPAP I Will Never Need Surgery?
With the exception of some patients with severe nasal obstruction, CPAP has been found to be nearly 100 percent effective, although it does not cure the problem. However, studies have shown that long­term compliance in wearing the nasal CPAP is about 70 percent. Some people have found the device to be claustrophobic or have difficulty using it when traveling. If you find that you cannot wear a nasal CPAP each night, a surgical solution might be necessary. Your otolaryngologist will advise you of the best course of action.

Should You Consider CPAP?
If you have significant sleep apnea, you may be a prime for CPAP. Your otolaryngologist will evaluate you and ask the following questions:

* Do you snore loudly and disturb your family and friends?
* Do you have daytime sleepiness?
* Do you wake up frequently in the middle of the night?
* Do you have frequent episodes of obstructed breathing during sleep?
* Do you have morning headaches or tiredness?

Suitability for CPAP use is determined after a review of your medical history, lifestyle factors (alcohol and tobacco intake as well as exercise), cardiovascular condition, and current medications. You will also receive a physical and otorhinolaryngological (ear, nose, and throat) examination to evaluate your airway.

Before receiving the nasal mask, you would need to have the proper CPAP pressure set during a “sleep study.” This will complete the evaluation necessary for prescribing the appropriate treatment for your needs.

Duration : 0:7:17

[youtube 12BeLIL_3bw]

24 Responses

  1. TheIsadora3131 Says:

    Anyone else doing …
    Anyone else doing this with acai berry? The results are amazing.. try it out with a free trial from diet-mentor . info

  2. tun875 Says:

    Thanks for posting …
    Thanks for posting this. I’m suffering intensly from sleep apnea. I’m only 38, I think I’ve had it most of my life but it seems to be getting to the very dangerous level. I’m waiting for the GD! insurance application to go through so I can go get treatment. I just hope I don’t get one of those doctors who say “oh you don’t have that, we don’t need to test you” that’s my biggest fear right now.

  3. samhainaz Says:

    I did find one …
    I did find one thing though . I no longer use that water heating thing because its annoying to refill it. What i use is a saline nasal spray. I refill it with filtered water. I spray two shots into each nostril and it does the exact same thing and it keeps everything moist since my mouth is strapped shut and the moisture cant really go far.
    BigKinny: true traveling to NY i had to lug that thing onto the plane. not fun. then later the mask broke and tried to rig it to use it.

  4. samhainaz Says:

    I have exactly the …
    I have exactly the same machine except my mask is a bit different. Mine goes over the nose and has that blue gel membrane thing which fits quite well.

    My problem is that i need to wear a chin strap underneath that to keep my mouth shut. Unfortunatley it rubs on my face and causes a rash. Any idea what to do? They dont seem to many anything else.

    Also ive had to order 3 masks in the past since the clear connector breaks easily.

  5. eightiesjill Says:

    I feel for your …
    I feel for your wife…I’ve tried using my CPAP machine for three years now, and cannot find a mask that I can sleep with. She might need to experiment with different masks until she finds one that is comfortable for her.

  6. BigkKinny Says:

    Won’t the CPAP make …
    Won’t the CPAP make you dependent on it and if you don’t use it it will be impossible to breathe.i’m 16 and and I weigh like 125 and i think i have sleep apnea.

  7. TheKackler Says:

    Look up ‘Pillar …
    Look up ‘Pillar Procedure’

  8. wtfusername666 Says:

    i would say you …
    i would say you dont need to loose that much weight. maybe 10 or 15 pounds

  9. muthushiv Says:

    Great video. I …
    Great video. I love youtube and the people like you how make this service grateful. i really didnt know I had sleep apnea, although I was sufferring from the symptoms. Currently i have High BP, Diabetes, etc… Recently my mom insisted me to check my condition to an ENT specialist in india. Then as a followup in US my doc. confirmed me as sleep apnea patient. Hope they do a surgery to me. I really look forward for next doc appointment so that i get CPAP or Surgery or Both.

  10. brittneyhump Says:

    Hey. I am …
    Hey. I am considering the surgery and I had a question. Did it change your voice, specifically the resonance and such? I sing and don’t want that to change, if at all possible…

  11. jazzkeyboardman Says:

    Hello, my wife was …
    Hello, my wife was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and now has this thing on her bedside table. She is having a very hard time getting used to wearing it. I don’t think she’s worn it for a full night yet. She says I also stop breathing in my sleep but I’m afraid of getting tested because I don’t want to wear one of these things. To me, it’s something foreign to have in bed with you, like an electric blanket (which I also hate and would never use). Are there alternatives other than surgery?

  12. M1sterHamilton Says:

    $1500- my mom got …
    $1500- my mom got one for free in canada but if it breaks we have to pay to replace it

  13. jer187 Says:

    amazing. my cpap …
    amazing. my cpap is the most incredible thing ever.

  14. stkdady Says:

    My words excatly!!! …
    My words excatly!!!! thank GOD!! No more Uvula!, c-pap every night. The difference is life and death. REALLY!!

  15. pineappleupside Says:

    I was dxd with mild …
    I was dxd with mild sleep apnea, but really I don’t snore – the tech even said I didn’t? It’s strange really. I do take a rather large dose of a drug that is known to be really quite sedative & wonder if maybe that could of had some sort of effect on my test. I can’t stop that drug, so off to try masks and air machines I guess it is for me…

  16. allteeth Says:

    Great vid. …
    Great vid. Congrats on your CPAP success. Keep up the good work. Keep letting people know so they aren’t afraid or resistant to the pressure.
    Good luck.
    Don’t forget to go back in 2yrs or so for a recalibration. Most people need a bit of an increase by then.

  17. seansymons Says:

    not sure of the …
    not sure of the price as I get mine free through the VA

  18. mia19angel Says:

    if i can convince …
    if i can convince my dad to go to the doctor with me, i think he needs one of these. how much does a CPAP machine cost?

  19. ANTHONYENO Says:

    I have my cpap test …
    I have my cpap test monday… I’m hoping this machine will work for me, I’ve been feeling horrible for years.

  20. BLK300c Says:

    you were right …
    you were right doctor plastic its not double the pressure. the lady that called me to set up a day to install the bi-pap told me that. Its been 2 days and i cant sleep at all. The lady that came to set up my bi-pap set it up in a way that it starts out at 5.0 and increases so i can fall asleep before my actual pressure of 25 comes on. I cant sleep the way i usually sleep which is on my side because when the pressaure of 25 comes on its sooo much pressure that it leaks.

  21. bigirishtube Says:

    Thanks for posting. …
    Thanks for posting. I had a great relationship with my consultant. She gave me the option of operation and cpap without guaranteed sucess saying that I would require a cpap anyway. Went for ‘cpap anyway!’ Im an ex professional sportsman, dont let consultants tell you your overweight without doing a body mass index using infra red, not outdated calapers!

  22. doctorplastic Says:

    BiPAP doesn’t mean …
    BiPAP doesn’t mean you have double the pressure. BiPAP is bi-level therapy…meaning there is one pressure when you inhale and a lower pressure when you exhale. BiPAP is usually easier to breath with.

  23. BLK300c Says:

    what a coincidence …
    what a coincidence that while i was trying to get all the info from videos like this that i just got a phone call regarding my bipap. I thought i was getting a cpap but just found out that since my case is severe that i have to get a bipap. they told me the difference is that the bipap has double the pressure. Im fucked!!!

  24. BLK300c Says:

    I just got my test …
    I just got my test results in from the sleep center and i have a severe case of sleep apnea. The doctors are in talks with my insurance company to get me the cpap. The cpap at the sleep center was sooo uncomfortable. I guess i gotta get used to it now. Thanks for sharing the video and I hope i get used to it like you do.

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