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My Day Out with narcolepsy Part 4

March 22nd, 2010

My Day Out Part 4

Duration : 0:3:14

[youtube SkJOswX5RT0]

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  1. daud8472 Says:

    Not that I know of …
    Not that I know of at the moment…

  2. bananabubblegum Says:

    aww, what a lovely …
    aww, what a lovely lady. And Muhamad, good fore you!

  3. cybernetics Says:

    I’m crying over …
    I’m crying over this. All the best to him.

  4. emekonen Says:

    God bless people …
    God bless people like his caregiver, seriously its nice to see people like her.

  5. stevenr1986 Says:

    mate, one thing, …
    mate, one thing, dont say sorr when you go to sleep, you dont need to, what you put up with in your life you never say sorry for. nice one mate all the best

  6. danac352 Says:

    you have got me …
    you have got me wondering if my mom has been misdiagnosed cause the diagnosed her with epilepsy but i think from what i see she might also have cataplexy cause she can be walking and just all the sudden fall out and then you have to give her time before she comes to, probably about 10 min. dont give up though. keep on fighting and keep going on leaps and bounds to keep you occupied. trust me i kinda know what you are going through. my mom has usually about 5-10 episodes a day. stay well!!!

  7. DramaQueenBarbie Says:

    omg, I did’nt know …
    omg, I did’nt know about this, God bless him

  8. ShowerMan28 Says:

    I knew a guy with …
    I knew a guy with this disorder. He would be talking to me, then just konk the out. It was comical in a sense, because it’s something you just don’t see everyday, but on the flip sipe, it was very saddening… there is just no way in I would ever wish this on anyone

  9. MrBoyzzy Says:

    HI I have just been …
    HI I have just been diagnozied with Narcolepsy and calaxy and with sleep deficiansy, seeing your video is so much looking at my life, its not as bad as yours but its mad however the doctors didn’t find this problem out and had come to the conclusion at first that i had epilepsy, now i no I have this i am able to understand more about my condition

  10. wiccaboy210 Says:

    I admire your …
    I admire your strenght to go on. You are a true inspiration to everyone.

  11. Mr0255 Says:

    ur awesome all the …
    ur awesome all the best wishes & never give up friend 🙂

  12. zbijmnie Says:

    You and your lady …
    You and your lady are brave. All the best.

  13. lxshuffler117 Says:

    you know, i first …
    you know, i first started watching this video so i can laugh but it actually taught me how people in this world are suffering from conditions they have and trying to overcome them. many people take things in life for granted. im very happy he finsihed something he has been wanting to do for years. and i hope he is still out there trying more things he had never dreamed of. (well he probably dreamt it) but yeah dont know what else to say.

  14. Cerhiunnhn Says:

    I loved seeing you …
    I loved seeing you get into central London and visiting the science museum! London’s one of my favorite cities in the world.

    I’m currently in the process of getting a sleep study to determine what sleep disorder I have–the doctors are almost certain I have narcolepsy. I’m 21, so it’s affecting my studies at uni and my performance at work.

    It’s encouraging to see you overcoming this obstacle! I hope you are still getting out and doing things you didn’t do before. 🙂

  15. Dennisfed Says:

    Did you always have …
    Did you always have these conditions? I mean since you were born?
    Is there any hope for a cure anytime soon, or in the future at the moment ?

  16. cmtheador Says:

    I am glad I came …
    I am glad I came across this..Thanks for teaching me something I didn’t know today. Your an inspiration and will be able to help many people! Thanks for your heart to share this with everyone. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  17. daud8472 Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your interest Jenren87, it means a lot that others are taking an interest in narcolepsy and want to understand it. Thanks…

  18. daud8472 Says:

    No thanks to people …
    No thanks to people like you I didn’t miss it. Thanks!

  19. jenren87 Says:

    I bet there are …
    I bet there are lots of people out there who suffer from this condition who can’t get out because they dont have the same support networks as you. Im a student psychiatric nurse and I would love to be able to help people with this condition even though it is a physical/neurological problem

  20. beggo321 Says:

    im so happy for you …
    im so happy for you, theres a programe on channel 4 sometime next week about people with narcolepsy but u probably already know about it.

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