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My Life With CPAP

November 13th, 2010

A very rough video made to demonstrate what CPAP is and to highlight the dire need for funding for CPAP across the whole of the UK. Please sign the petition

Duration : 0:9:58

[youtube OdEYiLeZ1EE]

20 Responses

  1. sleepingdoll100 Says:

    It would be awesome …
    It would be awesome if you could sleep as soundly with the comfort of CPAP. is my usual source and it has never failed me. I never knew I had OSA until a year ago, and snoring was like crazy with the sleepless nights. I wanted surgery but my doctors prescribed CPAP instead and I turned to and I have been very thankful since.

    Very informative video! I’ll sign too!

  2. FailedMuso Says:

    @SamsEdition Thank …
    @SamsEdition Thank you :o)

  3. FailedMuso Says:

    @JillyB55 Thanks …
    @JillyB55 Thanks Jilly, I’m glad that you’re getting the treatment you need and yes, it affects women as much as men too. All the best! :o)

  4. FailedMuso Says:

    @bathal1 Hi! Glad …
    @bathal1 Hi! Glad you like the video. My machine is a Respironics M Series BiPAP which is supplied to me and maintained by Papworth NHS Trust at £0 cost to me. Because I get it free on the NHS, I wouldn’t know what the true cost of these machines are, but I do know they’re not cheap. Purchasing CPAP on your own is not recommended as it will have to be calibrated by your consultant. All I can advise is to speak to your local Primary Care Trust. Good luck :o)

  5. bathal1 Says:

    Hi, …

    Hi, thanks for this video! I’m going to sign the petition now. Btw, which type/make your machine is? Would you recommend it? I’m in the UK and have been offered to buy a CPAP machine ‘Trend II Auto’. Apparently it’s very good (but also rather expensive: £966!). Do you have any view on this? Am I being ripped off? Also, any suggestions/recommendations, re: purchasing a CPAP would really help (I’ll have to buy a CPAP machine until the authorities are persuaded otherwise). Thanks a lot!

  6. SamsEdition Says:

    Great video man! …
    Great video man! Really very informative!

  7. JillyB55 Says:

    it’s interesting to …
    it’s interesting to see how other people manage. Just to let you know this is not just a male condition.. I have been using cpap for 10 years now and I am a 55 year old female… it’s not easy for me or my partner but is an essential piece of equipment. Thanks for demonstrating it so well.. I have signed the petition.

  8. FailedMuso Says:

    @gerard7622 The …
    @gerard7622 The only person who can diagnose and ultimately prescribe a CPAP device is a qualified doctor. Using a CPAP without proper diagnosis and prescription can do more harm than good. I am no medical expert and therefore couldn’t give you any advice on an undiagnosed condition, I’m afraid.

  9. gerard7622 Says:

    My uncle gave me an …
    My uncle gave me an old machine of his for me to use. Becouse i don’t have health insurance, and it very clear that i have sleep apnea. Im still trying to get used to wearing it its very difficult. can you give my some pointers on getting used to it, for a biginer.?

  10. CreatedOnEarth Says:

    Signed petition, …
    Signed petition, thanks for the information, really useful and answered a lot of my questions.

  11. krakpatsboem Says:

    Thanks for fast …
    Thanks for fast reply ;-p

  12. FailedMuso Says:

    @krakpatsboem Well, …
    @krakpatsboem Well, from my experience, I still occasionally make a snoring sound. I’m not sure why though. It might just be a natural snore or it may be that I have an air leak from my mask, therefore reducing the pressure slightly.

    If you are in anyway concerned, do consult your doctor. They’re the experts, not me ;o)

  13. krakpatsboem Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video!!Could it be that the pressure of my CPAP must be adjust to more pressure?Because i still snore al litle bit says my girlfriend.
    I had apnea to but that ‘s over now.
    Peter from Belgium.

  14. FailedMuso Says:

    @nikkinphil Glad it …
    @nikkinphil Glad it was of some help to you. If you’re off to Papworth, you’re in great hands. It’s where I go too and they’re really good.

    Good luck and here’s to many nights of good sleep from now on ;o)

  15. nikkinphil Says:

    Hey I would just …
    Hey I would just like to say thankyou for a very informative video. I got Diagnosed with OSA 3 days ago and I am awaiting to see a specialist in cambridge. I was aware of what Sleep Apnoea was but wasn’t completely sure of the treatment and what equipment is involved. So Thankyou very much for helping me and my Family understand this better.

  16. FailedMuso Says:

    @vtwinbreed The …
    @vtwinbreed The humidifier I had in this video was a Fisher & Paykel model. REMStar do indeed make humidifiers that bolt on to their CPAP/BiPAP devices effectively making them one single unit. I am expecting an upgrade to this shortly :o)

  17. vtwinbreed Says:

    I’m surprised that …
    I’m surprised that REM STAR has a separate humidifier, the ones we have got it built in.

  18. precious121279 Says:

    signed!:)GOD BLESS
    signed!:)GOD BLESS

  19. davyramone Says:

    signed it…. good …
    signed it…. good effort, good to hear someone talking bout this subject. im collecting my machine tomorrow will see how we get on

  20. FlipMartian Says:

    Signed – all the …
    Signed – all the best with the petition.

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