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New Sleep Apnea and Snoring Device

November 11th, 2009

Help for people who suffer from heavy snoring – and their partners. The aveoTSD is also proven to treat symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Easy to use, comfortable and effective. See the clip or see

Duration : 0:1:58

[youtube gOce3_AegNA]

14 Responses

  1. mockingarab Says:

    $150 for a sucker.. …
    $150 for a sucker.. THIS SHIT…

  2. atraherne Says:

    worth a try
    worth a try

  3. personalizedegifts Says:

    It looks like the …
    It looks like the user would not be able to breathe through their mouth with this device. Many snorers are mouth breathers. SnoreMeds anti snoring custom mouthpiece may provide better results for many snorers.

  4. whiskeymedic Says:

    has this made it to …
    has this made it to the US yet?

  5. navegente Says:

    Yes… $ 150 US. …
    Yes… $ 150 US. That’s the right price. $ 150 dolares. Realmente el sobreprecio es alto.

  6. Tinna9Truliani Says:

    you can get rid of …
    you can get rid of it 99 % via eugenics. if you really want to get rid of it you find what actually causes it. you should do more to higher selection.

  7. civilloismael Says:

    It only last a few …
    It only last a few hours then it fell off from your tongue, then you awake beacuse of the apnea, switch on the bed light looking for the device, afew times during sleep. Threw it away, then got myself a cpap, it’s been a year and will never sleep without the cpap.

  8. zz811 Says:

    FYI they called …
    FYI they called this the “Daddy Dummy” but the real name is AveoTSD

  9. dkgong Says:

    Since the news …
    Since the news piece is in New Zealand, I’m assuming they mean 150 NZ dollars, which translates into roughly $80 US. Still a bit much, but cheaper.

  10. MauriceFlower Says:

    150 dollars!!! What …
    150 dollars!!! What? I rewinded the video and listened again. Yes, she said 150 dollars! I thought it was 15 dollars first. Madre mia! It must cost very little to produce. Ower-priced!

  11. asiboy29 Says:

    Im here in NZ, …
    Im here in NZ, where I can buy that? Do you have website for it? thanks

  12. tipsofallsorts Says:

    This is definitely …
    This is definitely good news!

  13. BoruJudasDedrich Says:

    150 bucks! That is …
    150 bucks! That is a huge overcharge!

    Still a great device IF your sleep apnea comes from the lower thorax. If it comes from the upper thorax or a deviated septum, you are back to the drawing board.

  14. Jett2Drescue Says:

    Is this available …
    Is this available in the USA?

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