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Nick Sleep Apnea Proof 1

March 7th, 2010

Nick sleeping – trying to prove he has sleep apnea

Duration : 0:6:26

[youtube W1QyJu9Zt4s]

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  1. Yalf111 Says:

    That’s not just a …
    That’s not just a mild case of apnea. He’s ruining his waking moments not being on a CPAP.
    It can ruin your heart. People with undiagnosed sleep apnea have been known to required heart transplants because of the damage, only to recover in a few months of CPAP use.

  2. shawnface77 Says:

    I’m a …
    I’m a polysomnography technician, and I can tell you that while weight is a factor for some people with OSA, it is not inclusive. 90lb athletes can have this. There are different types of apneas, not all are simply obstructive. There are varying degrees of obstruction, etc. It’s I hope he goes for a polysomnogram. If nothing else, the effect on his sleep quality and therefore quality of life could be greatly improved. Also, you can rule out other sleep disorders that may be underlying.

  3. Tinkstoy01 Says:

    I was watching …
    I was watching myself I say. Already been to the dr and have to take a sleep study

  4. artificiallyflavored Says:

    Obstructive sleep …
    Obstructive sleep apnea can lead to weight gain, hence many who have apnea are overweight. The weight gain is a result of the apnea.

  5. JoannC830 Says:

    A majority of sleep …
    A majority of sleep apnea are overweight, however, I work with some patients (I’m a nurse) who are lean and suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. For people who are thin, they usually have an anatomical reason for the obstruction i.e. large tongue or the position they sleep in. Sleep apnea is a serious condition often overlooked. If left untreated, it will lead to cardiovascular disease, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, depression or DEATH!

  6. tomchan0 Says:

    Wow…that was hard …
    Wow…that was hard to watch…I felt myself gasping for breathe….I hope he got his machine

  7. booobiiii Says:

    so how do people …
    so how do people get this sleep apnea?

  8. 77Monaro Says:

    this isn’t just …
    this isn’t just snoring, it’s obstructive sleep apnea, which makes it hard for people to exercise. many people with sleep apnea are not overweight. some people with sleep apnea don’t snore.

  9. incedious69 Says:

    I was just …
    I was just diagnosed with this… it seems I “wake up” up to 50 times per hour and regularily stop breathing for periods up to 4 minutes. I didn’t realise how scary it was until I watched this. It must terrify my wife…. thanks for posting. I get my CPAP in two days.

  10. ItsFrankieBoy Says:

    Wow he has it bad. …
    Wow he has it bad. Looks like he literally stoppes breathing for extended periods of time. Scary stuff

  11. dje428 Says:

    some pretty stupid …
    some pretty stupid comments here. obviously people dont know the severity of it! good job video-ing, allowing people to see what happens to them!

  12. booobiiii Says:

    snoring happens to …
    snoring happens to a lot of people who are overweight. try to exercise more to get better.

  13. mlcorbin3 Says:

    Girl I don’t know …
    Girl I don’t know how you put up with that LOL well did he get the machine? My Dad has the same problem and uses the machine and it’s a life saver for everyone including him cuz he stops breathing. My Step Mom checked to make sure he was still alive the first nite he used it cuz it was so quiet!

  14. 77Monaro Says:

    I’m so blown away …
    I’m so blown away to watch this – my test showed I stop breathing dozens of times an hour =( I am getting my CPAP machine very soon and I can’t wait. This is no laughing matter. Well done you guys and thank you so much for doing this video. I really wanted to see an example of what I look like trying to get sleep =(

  15. buddmar Says:

    Nick is a real bear …
    Nick is a real bear. Did you know that there is a certain type of gay guy that is attracted to these “bears”: stocky, hairy, masculine guys?

  16. bevelman Says:

    Cool vid.. Wish …
    Cool vid.. Wish more of my patients would do this so they knew just how bad they truly were… Glad to see he made it through the test and is using a cpap.. It’ll save his life. 🙂

  17. kbbcoop Says:

    this was me also, I …
    this was me also, I got a CPAP after a sleep study a couple months ago and I feel SO MUCH BETTER all day its unbelievable, plus my blood pressure went down.

  18. leahthegeek Says:

    He didn’t have …
    He didn’t have surgery…he got a CPAP machine and it changed his life! If you read the other comments, you’ll see. — And it’s not fake. It’s very very real.

  19. 463dog463 Says:

    ok so it does not …
    ok so it does not lookfake it’s real so atleast he got it corrected by having surgery

  20. afakasi66 Says:

    Good on you guys, …
    Good on you guys, hope Nick is benefiting from all your hard work.
    Sleep well!!

  21. 1992peter Says:

    FORCE him to go to …
    FORCE him to go to the sleep lab.

    Make him talk to his Doctor.



    Make him get it checked out.

    Good luck.

  22. icebluechicago Says:

    My boyfriend has …
    My boyfriend has slep apnea and I’m getting ready to send him packing. What you were dealing with is nothing like what I’m dealing with. His breathing stops for much longer, he shakes, starts talking in his sleep, sits up and rocks back and forth and it is much louder. I was poking and shaking the bed in an effort to get him to roll over, but nothing helps. Now I have resorted to saying things that I later regret. Its a nightmare and so unsafe for him to be dealing with.

  23. jackmehoffer68 Says:

    stay with it!! once …
    stay with it!! once you get used to it, you will sleep so much better. it’s totally worth it.

  24. standens123 Says:

    It does take some …
    It does take some time to get used to using the CPAP machine and even after seven years I still have times when my mask doesn’t feel right. I only started using mine on a regular basis when I got pregnant because I didn’t want to cut off the oxygen to my unborn son. My son is now six years old and healthy.

    Now I can’t sleep without my machine and mask.
    It could take several weeks or months of regular use to feel the difference.

    Good luck.

  25. supermario1999 Says:

    OMG, this is …
    OMG, this is painful to watch. I’m glad to hear he got help.

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