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Sleep Apnea

December 8th, 2009

Second new single from chevelle. here in Atlanta Georgia
April 9th 2009

Duration : 0:4:31

[youtube 38xAlPpj82M]

25 Responses

  1. napstir Says:

    how does pathetic …
    how does pathetic sound?

  2. sillytragedy Says:

    why because I don’t …
    why because I don’t like the new element? I thought that made me opinionated not a moron. A moron, would make an effort to use an adult word and replace key lettering with a & and a star… if you’re going to say fuck…say if you’re going to say f*&*… say fudge..stupid bitch

  3. napstir Says:

    you are a f*&*^ing …
    you are a f*&*^ing moron

  4. shepersky Says:

    there playing …
    there playing tonight in sioux falls sd which is where i live. pumped to go. saw them with shinedown and staind in july.

  5. Nwood913 Says:

    ah this brings back …
    ah this brings back some memories. I remember when i first saw this video. I was so pumped for an unknown album. and this came out in mid spring. the school was almost over too. It was just good times. Now its not so great. :/

  6. sillytragedy Says:

    for some reason, …
    for some reason, Dean annoys me, like when he leaned into the crowd I kinda wish someone would have slapped the douche out of him

  7. sillytragedy Says:

    Does anyone have a …
    Does anyone have a live video perfomance of mexican sun? Im interested to see how it variates live and I haven’t had the chance to actually go to a show and see them perform it yet. Last I saw them was may 09

  8. P1lotBoy Says:

    best song of the …
    best song of the album

  9. gcchick101 Says:

    I love thiss song! …
    I love thiss song!
    Emrsy is my cousinn!

  10. iLikechevelle Says:

    Shameless Metaphors …
    Shameless Metaphors would KILL on the radio. Sleep apnea and Jars don’t compare.

  11. istopmotion Says:

    LMAO I was about 10 …
    LMAO I was about 10 feet from the front right speakers. The bass kicks shook my spine, it was insane! XD I went completely deaf in my right ear by the end of the show but I can hear now so it was worth it lol

  12. skunkx101 Says:

    I pre-ordered the …
    I pre-ordered the new record and it came with 3 downloads: Jars, The clincher (different version) and This Circus.
    Pretty sweet!

  13. Rush1236 Says:

    there is…just not …
    there is…just not realeased to the public yet

  14. Rush1236 Says:

    what is the website …
    what is the website???

  15. bennywils12 Says:

    nice, i can’t wait …
    nice, i can’t wait for the new album!

  16. logfan13 Says:

    just found the …
    just found the official tracklist for the upcoming CD, Sleep Apnea is the opening track, which is a kick way to start the CD

  17. ravsram Says:

    toss up with jars …
    toss up with jars and sleep apnea as opening single off album. i would have chose sleep apnea. seen this song live in st. paul. was about 10 rows off stage and the double bass kicks about knocked me on my ass. Awesome new material. can’t wait for album.

  18. rubysgrl Says:

    nope not yet …
    nope not yet unfortunately

  19. 1nfmam0us399 Says:

    Is there a studio …
    Is there a studio version of this song and letters from a thief?

  20. gbpackerfan85 Says:

    HAHA (j/k) They …
    HAHA (j/k) They played Get Some when I saw them in St. Paul on July 2nd.. it was fuckin’ awesome!!

  21. mowmow101 Says:

    ya i really like …
    ya i really like jars

  22. 1234455566778899 Says:

    hey guys check out …
    hey guys check out my jars and letter from a thief bass covers im trying to make a sleep apnea cover but my cam broke:( so if you want tabs of any of those three ask me

  23. deathadder32 Says:

    Jars is a good …
    Jars is a good song, too.

  24. jmd11185 Says:

    they better never …
    they better never take out straight jacket fashion. thats my favorite song off of vs

  25. xvlk77n Says:

    man, absolutely.
    man, absolutely.

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