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Sleep Apnea

March 1st, 2010

woman suffers from sleep apnea, she stops breathing and is only saved by her significant other

Duration : 0:3:52

[youtube 9d1IFZpZLzg]

15 Responses

  1. 12121977 Says:

    thats true im not …
    thats true im not overweight and i have it

  2. yourgasm Says:

    is this a video …
    is this a video demonstration? It certainly does show what sleep apea looks like. Not a pleasant sight. Ppl don’t seem to take their sleep seriously these days

  3. evil1intexas Says:

    @ mgos4012. you dnt …
    @ mgos4012. you dnt have to be overweight to have apnea. small bodied ppl suffer from apnea aswell.

  4. mgos4012 Says:

    yeah, i’m aware of …
    yeah, i’m aware of that. but it is a common biomarker.

  5. buddmar Says:

    You do NOT have to …
    You do NOT have to be overweight to have Sleep Apnea … it is true obesity increases the odds you will have it, but plenty of people who are not overweight have it.

  6. JAVYDUDE Says:

    more 1 minute
    more 1 minute

  7. MickeyMonkey2 Says:

    Fuck off

  8. mgos4012 Says:

    odd – she doesn’t …
    odd – she doesn’t appear to have a weight problem or have a terribly receding jaw line. her throat anatomy must really be constricting. i would recommend looking into a uvuloplasty (uvula trim). i’m not a dr., just another person with OSA.

  9. dalkattivo Says:

    It’s Fantastic i …
    It’s Fantastic i love the movement of her mouth and kindly large lips!!!

  10. TheDestination77 Says:

    Gr8 video I should …
    Gr8 video I should say one more should be made

  11. TheDestination77 Says:

    Make More videos of …
    Make More videos of this girl and upload and show her all body and make longer thanks

  12. gensoyuuki86 Says:

    its even …

    its even worse than cancer! atleast cancer patients can still sleep well..

  13. 77ammada Says:

    worst problem ever.
    worst problem ever.

  14. refontenot Says:

    get this poor lady …
    get this poor lady a sleep test NOW!!! A Cpap machine will really save this woman of such misery

  15. persianlover2 Says:

    great vid. but you …
    great vid. but you can try open her eyes next time..hehe.

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