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Sleep deprivation – Ross Kemp in Alaska – BBC

October 25th, 2010

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Ross Kemp is in Alaska to live in the wild with ferocious bears and ice cold temperatures for 5 days. His understandable fear of bears and wild living causes him to avoid sleeping at all times and suffer the effects of severe sleep deprivation. Great short video from BBC action adventure show ‘Ross Kemp Alive in Alaska’. Contains images of blood some viewers may find distressing. Also contains strong language.

Duration : 0:2:54

8 Responses

  1. mathias7777777777777 Says:

    what! a thumb cut! …
    what! a thumb cut! struth mate i’ve had worse than that. try geting you nose busted and ankle twisted because you fell down a 12 feet cliff onto rocks and into a freezing cold streem which was surrounded by hungry wild beers who were sleep deprived and to mate!!!

  2. mummyfunster Says:

    “Ross Kemp and his …
    “Ross Kemp and his naked blue ball bag”

  3. racedemon89 Says:

    he must be tired, …
    he must be tired, he cut his finger off yet its his thumb bleeding, aww poor ross

  4. filmsnoirs Says:

    no chance of sleep …
    no chance of sleep deprivation for me. I put this crap on and it works every time, unconscious in seconds

  5. cayenne212 Says:

    Maybe he should say …
    Maybe he should say “screw this, What’s Sarah Palin’s number, I’m going to go sleep at her place.”

  6. robbiejrichards Says:

    oh stop whining …
    oh stop whining Kemp, you’ll go home eventually and never ever visit a place so stunning or experience how we used to live……..

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  8. viktorsalazar2 Says:

    1:30 onwards is …
    1:30 onwards is just blair witch project, haha.

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