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Cpap Mask Fun

May 29th, 2010

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Just a short video of me making fun use of my cpap mask that doesn’t get the use it did before I had wls. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. vtwinbreed Says:

    @Lumbre1969 I know …
    @Lumbre1969 I know it’s been 2 years since this comment, but never feel as though something that is helping you is a sign of aging. If a CPAP were a sign of aging, then I’m probably all set for the nursing home at 23. Wearing the mask and going through the treatment is a lot better than the alternative.

  2. MikeofWyoming Says:

    cpap mask for $200 …
    cpap mask for $200 should be a crime. Sonbitches break at the top so easy and they’re just plastic!!!

  3. tun875 Says:

    I’m in the awkward …
    I’m in the awkward position of knowing that I have it and waiting waiting waiting for all of the appointments. After 33 years of poor sleep and morning headaches it finally caught up with me and got very serious. I’ve been working with insurance and waiting for a cpap for three months and it may be another month or more before I can even get one. I hope I survive another night.

  4. nickobellic123 Says:

    Try Using a …
    Try Using a nebulizer with water in the medication chamber during the day at least 1 hour before you go to sleep with your mask this preps your airways and makes you feel alot better whilst getting a much better sleep.

    Worked for me

  5. sort187 Says:

    Sign of maturity— …
    Sign of maturity—It took me two years, a lot of near misses, losing a job and finally a car crash to make me wake up (sorry) and realize I had a problem. It’s just incredible the amount of people that have sleep apnea and won’t/can’t realize it.

  6. sort187 Says:

    Got a question for …
    Got a question for ya: How do you keep your mouth from drying out with the full face mask? I’m thinking about hitting my provider up for one, as my nasal passages like to clench up sometimes making sleep nearly impossible.

  7. cputb1 Says:

    Have had my CPAP …
    Have had my CPAP for a month now (full face @12) But boy… I’m really struggling with it. Don’t feel any positive effects from it. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever slept less in my life, hahaha. But since I almost died post simple surgery and they had to scramble to bring me back, they said I needed one.
    Geez, I know I have my flaws. But it’s pretty depressing to be told that you can’t even correctly do something as simple as just sleeping, hahaha.

  8. imamyt1 Says:

    Very funny indeed! …
    Very funny indeed! Ive just been diagnosed and am going back to try the cpap at the sleep center this week.Man im looking towards it working,i never get a good nights sleep.May the force be with you !!!!!

  9. bakersbazaar Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the …
    Hi! Thanks for the comment! I don’t see it as a sign of aging but I believe that it takes a mature person to finally admit that there is a problem & goes to the doctor to find out…without the mask we could fall asleep & not wake up again, it’s a sobering thought. OMG about the old men on oxygen that would make anyone feel You are not old at all though…38 my, I have 6 yrs. on ya honey. All I can say about the bedroom is get a cape & do some role playing;) Take care!

  10. Lumbre1969 Says:

    That’s brave of you …
    That’s brave of you, I give you alot of credit. First, its opened my eyes to sleep apnea not being just gender specific. Second, I find wearing my mask embarrassing almost as a sign of aging. But you turned it into a conversation piece. I have to correct my son(10yo) that I’m not on an oxygen machine. Mom finds it amusing when an old man with an oxygen tank gets refered to me somehow. I’ll try the Darth Vader approach and see if that changes. maybe get things stirring in the bedroom.. 🙂

  11. bakersbazaar Says:

    Hey Terri, Before I …
    Hey Terri, Before I had surgery the cpap machine made a huge, huge difference! Since I have had surgery I don’t sleep very good at all partly because of my stricture I guess but when I do manage to sleep it helps alot. When I was in the hospital Friday to have my kidney stone zapped they kept waking me up to breath because I still have sleep apnea though…I hope it goes away when I lose all my weight. You’ll be glad you got the mask though it will take u alittle while to get use to it.

  12. bakersbazaar Says:

    Awe well thank you …
    Awe well thank you I feel so honored to be called funny:) Isn’t it terrible that doctors have to do that kind of stuff. I think its just a means to make the insurance company spend more money. Even though you do have to go to the ent it could be a good thing if you have sinus problems or anything like that. Keep me posted and I hope you get your cpap soon. Take care! Kellie

  13. RoadToNewErin Says:

    how funny.. i …
    how funny.. i myself am on a journey to CPAPLAND. my pcp wouldn’t eval me for a sleep study so he is sending me to an ENT doc. I feel so guilty, like I am using this doctor just to get a sleep study out of him. ha ha ha.. i agree with the masses, you are really funny!

  14. bakersbazaar Says:

    Thank you so much.. …
    Thank you so much…I’m beginning to come out of my shell now that I am losing weight..hehe Take care! Kellie

  15. bigkid63 Says:

    Very funny! You …
    Very funny! You have a wonderful sense of humor. Good luck on your journey, Dennis

  16. itcomputerchick Says:

    LOL gotta love the …
    LOL gotta love the CPAP mask 🙂

  17. bakersbazaar Says:

    LOL Yeah I can …
    LOL Yeah I can relate to that! I hope I get lots of hits! Thanks!

  18. bakersbazaar Says:

    Hey There Sally! No …
    Hey There Sally! No I didn’t see your video but I am going to check it out now! I know I hate wearing mine too but hope I won’t have to for too much longer. Thanks!

  19. bakersbazaar Says:

    Hehe Thanks!
    Hehe Thanks!

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