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ResMed Quattro CPAP Full Face Mask Fitting Tips

July 20th, 2010

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Steps on how to fit a ResMed Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask. Fitting Tips.

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  1. elhijodeloscalzones Says:

    I started my cpap …
    I started my cpap therapy with a “Fisher & Paykel” full face mask and it was a nightmare, that mask seems to be built with the sole purpose of mask leaks. I almost gave up on the whole cpap thing, but my Dr. adviced me to invest in a Resmed Mirage nasal mask, I did and it was awesome.
    Lately though I’ve been opening my mouth while I sleep, so I might have to go back to a full face mask. My question is: Are full face masks more prone to mask leaks? or was it just that brans?

  2. geezerbill Says:

    @chavah4130, I have …
    @chavah4130, I have long hair too, and here’s something you can try. You’ll notice that when you have the mask on, there’s a space in the back between the top strap and the bottom strap. Tie back your hair in a pony tail, and pull it through this space. So other words, the bottom strap goes along the top of the back of your neck (and underneath the ponytail), and the top strap goes above the pony tail, so your ponytail rests in between.

  3. yournomanlady Says:

    my tech started me …
    my tech started me on this mask and the first night wasnt good but now i’m used to it.i couldnt believe the difference the very first day.i was convinced that after 20 years of shiftwork feeling like that was part of the deal.i dont know about the other products but i’m feeling a lot better with this.

  4. mizzoulibertarian Says:

    @slash206 hI …
    @slash206 hI SLASH206 I’m starting this mask tonight. Just recentlay diagnosed with sleap apnea. I hope my day feels beter as I ahve heard.

  5. chavah4130 Says:

    really appreciate …
    really appreciate your insights… i have this mask and my big problem is having long hair. the back straps cover so much of my head that my hair is uncomfortable below or above the straps… thoughts?

  6. chickadee357 Says:

    I had a sleep study …
    I had a sleep study two nights ago using a CPAP for the first time. This mask was used and the bridge of my nose is terribly sore, and the skin is broken. I told the tech several times about this discomfort, and nothing was done to help. Hopefully my pulmonologist can help with finding something that is a lot more comfortable.

  7. slash206 Says:

    I use this mask. …
    I use this mask. At first it was very uncomfortable to use. After about 6 nights using the mask, and experimenting with the straps to get it comfortable, I am finding that I can almost sleep through the night completely. I’m right at about 6 1/2 hours per night! I feel so much better, not tired during the day, and so much more energy. I encourage you, if you have a sleep apnea, do yourself a favor, and your spouse and family. Use a cpap machine, it will significantly change your life!

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