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Introduction To CPAP, APAP and BiPAP Machines (

February 20th, 2010 — This video is to help people understand the different types of CPAP, BiLevel or BiPaps, and Auto-Adjusting CPAPs available and the variations between them. More videos can be seen at

Duration : 0:3:14

[youtube XM9HJhswPbg]

11 Responses

  1. Soupalonionycrouton Says:

    bent (not bet)

    bent (not bet)

  2. Soupalonionycrouton Says:

    I had the same …
    I had the same problem with the hinges. After they broke off I drilled two tiny holes into the mask on each side an bet a strong 2inch paper clip to fit. Workes very well. Now I have clips to the straps, so the mechanical stress ist less. Now the hinges last.

  3. tun875 Says:

    this music may …
    this music may cause suicidal thoughts.

  4. Clipper52a Says:


  5. samhainaz Says:

    Are there any …
    Are there any strong masks? Ive broken the hinges on my mask like 3 times already and have had to replace them. Theyre so fragile. One of them broke while traveling on flight to NY sigh. Wished there was a metal one or something

  6. samhainaz Says:

    i know they have …
    i know they have them on ebay but not all of them are reasonably priced.

  7. thomasbhunter007 Says:

    I think they must …
    I think they must have hired some amateur video team for this – the music is completely inane and far too loud.

  8. hypnos315 Says:

    I want to know how …
    I want to know how to get my hands on a apap machine without a prescription

  9. Clipper52a Says:

    Turn down the …
    Turn down the background music please, it’s distracting.

  10. dogsrule4ever Says:

    All of these …
    All of these machines need a prescription?

  11. 1992peter Says:

    Could you do a …
    Could you do a presentation on the OHMEDIA 3700 PULSE OXIMETER?

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