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Sleep Apnea and CPAP

September 11th, 2009

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How Sleep Apnea occurs and CPAP cures it.

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  1. ih8suvz Says:

    I think I have this …
    I think I have this OSA. I sometimes wake up gasping for air, it scares the out of me. I don’t think I could ever wear that thing when I sleep though. I move around a lot when I sleep, most of the time I sleep on my stomach.

  2. slack7639 Says:

    I get sleep …
    I get sleep apnea-like symptoms if I try to sleep on my back. My arms go numb also. So, I can only sleep on my stomach, with no pillow, on my right side. I recently got a dust mite mattress barrier cover, and that has cleared up a stuffy nose I’ve had for 20+ years. The dust mite pillow covers must help also. I also cleared out as much as possible from my bedroom, as maybe I was allergic to something. Got rid of the particle board furniture also, the formaldehyde in that can irritate you.

  3. BAMZOOKI12344 Says:

    1. copy and paste …
    1. copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds
    4. press refresh twice

  4. gitb Says:

    i have this. i have …
    i have this. i have all the symptoms
    and ive being through tonns of tests. im 23 years i am getting an operation to remove my toncells as they are huge.i am waiting on a date. im told i have a buckel in my nose wich is also a problem. but they will do this later. ive anyone has had the same problems. can u please let me know as its very fustration thanks you. chris

  5. mt1719 Says:

    Cpap is not a cure. …
    Cpap is not a cure. It is a crutch you have to use
    most likely for life.
    Is a wheelchair a cure for walking?

  6. libarsh Says:

    The Snoring Isn’t …
    The Snoring Isn’t Sexy website encourages patients to discuss their experiences with CPAP, Dental Mouthpieces and Pillar procedure. Visit the “Patient Comments” section and rate your appliance, CPAP or surgical procedure’s effectiveness.

  7. cartman02au Says:

    Good video, very …
    Good video, very informative

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