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UPDATE:Philips Respironics Mask & Resmed S8 Escape II CPAP Machine

April 15th, 2010

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for obstructive sleep apnea
Philips Respironics The ComfortGel Mask.

Resmed,S8 Escape II CPAP Machine.

Duration : 0:6:40

[youtube TECzZgglhzk]

8 Responses

  1. vida130 Says:

    My husband uses …
    My husband uses this machine and he wakes up so energized when he uses it and I get a great nights sleep!!!

  2. ytviewer88 Says:

    Hey. I do …
    Hey. I do sleepstudies. Some people find the smell of new plastic over their face suffocating, so Respironics makes some of their masks with a scent to it to make it more pleasant. I know you said you don’t like nasal pillows, but if you can try it again, its better for your hair and it wont leave a mark on your face. Whatever you do, don”t stop wearing it. Hope this helps.

  3. melonie42O Says:

    I had the nasal …
    I had the nasal mask similar to yours when I first got mine. I had trouble preventing leaks, and I also had a problem with water splashing me in the face b/c of condensation, but I switched to the swift LT pillows, and I really like that one it is a lot smaller and you don’t have any of the issue as you do with the nasal mask. But we still had to make a sock for my hose as well.

  4. lynnieluve Says:

    My husband has that …
    My husband has that same mask. It took him a little while to get use to it.

  5. sultry1231 Says:

    My husband uses …
    My husband uses that machine and he hates it. He has the full face and the nose mask and he doesn’t like either one. Actually he likes the nose one better because he can lay on his side and the mask not be in the way, but both of them dry his eyes out because of the air escaping.

    About the smell, not sure about that. lol

  6. wayyonder Says:

    My husband used the …
    My husband used the same machine…but since switched…..about the nasal smelling like candy…umm you are on your own on that one !! LOL Glad you took the step with the CPAP machine !

  7. monimom3 Says:

    If you put less …
    If you put less water in the machine,will it controll the condensation?

  8. buttrcurl Says:

    well just be a …
    well just be a trooper i work in the medical field and a lot of patients use the cpap and they dont like it and have been through may mask so just hang in their.

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