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How to Diagnose Sleep Disorders : Narcolepsy Treatment

November 2nd, 2010

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Narcolepsy treatments can fluctuate due to variations in individual symptoms. Learn more about narcolepsy and treatment options from our medical expert in this free video.

Expert: Taylor Smith
Bio: Taylor Smith, CMA, is a multifaceted Certified Medical Assistant.
Filmmaker: Doug Craig

Duration : 0:3:5

9 Responses

  1. mrconradhoppe Says:

    hi, i wake up after …
    hi, i wake up after going to bed after an hour, I get back to sleep pretty quick, I get another hour, usually I dream, i get up and eat. Then I’ll go two more hours, and have to stay up a bit, i dream, i forget them fast. Then i go another two, I’m now feeling more rested, then i get the 7th hour, then i lay there and hope for the 8th.
    My ears are ringing and i’ve aged. Also I and then I pee everytime when i get up and it feels really good. I think I’m dying, not that my life means much.

  2. punkeesplayland Says:

    @Numchux3 I am …
    @Numchux3 I am tired all the time too, only sometimes do i completely lose control or fall asleep. I do have to fight it a lot though. It took 5 years to get my diagnosis, and I tried something similar to Provigil but it gave me headaches too so now I am on adderal

  3. Rilleys Says:

    I use …

    I use to take Provigil, but it gave me headaches…So I am toughing it out, but
    can relate so much too..Hey lets go do this and your like I’m too tired.

  4. Numchux3 Says:

    I have been …
    I have been diagnosed with the narcolepsy that she talks about, i don’t fall asleep at random, i am just tired ALL day long, no matter how i sleep.

    I was proscribed Provigil, but it is expensive. I do not feel “high” or super energenic, but i think it brings me to a “normal” level, awake, refreshed, and actually wanting to do stuff.

    I found that before i was diagnosed and prescribed, my GF would be like hey lets go do something, and i was like nah.. i want to sleep.. But now that has changed

  5. tamebam Says:

    please to those who …
    please to those who have no idea what you mean
    tell us what u mean in normal people talk lol

  6. mtv12344321 Says:

    Well .. It mostly …
    Well .. It mostly depends on our lifestyle patterns and can be linked to Depression !!
    Check urself !!

  7. veeralpatel Says:

    Try Prayanama. …
    Try Prayanama. Check with an expert and design your exercises accordingly. You can learn how to do them here or under some good guidance. But changing the exercises is very critical and hence should be done by knowledgeable person to avoid side effects.
    I can assure you that it has helped quite a few people including me and people I know. Things may NOT be cured but they are better CONTROLLED and reduces drug dependencies.

  8. jasophie218 Says:

    i know i have …
    i know i have narcolepsy…i diagnosed myself…when i tried to tell the doctor she completly ignored my… i have cataplexy and almost everytime i laugh i fall to the floor…worse thing is my family knows if i laugh i fall so they use it against me… usual i sleep during the day and if i dont im drowsy and just fall asleep…at night i sleep and then wake up every 2 hours also when i fall asleep for like 15 mins i dream…i hallucinated maybe 3 time ever..:[

  9. CSKYSK Says:

    Damn. I wish one of …
    Damn. I wish one of those treatments would work for me. No luck so far.

    Good info, tho. 🙂

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