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Understanding Sleep Eating Disorder (Mental Health Guru)

March 21st, 2011

Sleep eating is often parodied, but consuming great amounts of food while asleep is a real condition that affects sleep and mental health.

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[youtube WYdwhaJJmJE]


10 Responses

  1. yougivemecancer Says:

    I am an intermitten …
    I am an intermitten sleep eater. I also smoke cigarettes in my sleep. It does seem funny to someone who doesnt experience it, but from my perspective, its terrifying. What if I choke? Or eat poison? What if I burn the house down with me and my family in it? It really IS scary. And if you can do all of that, what else could you do and not be aware?

  2. zeromtrx117 Says:

    @krstcmjns Then, …
    @krstcmjns Then, technically, you weren’t sleep walking.

  3. monica49nbfgre Says:

    Come baby Russian …
    Come baby Russian ladies ** **

  4. llK1NGp1Nll Says:

    oh no i woke up to …
    oh no i woke up to get some lemonade im gonna die

  5. baferdice Says:

    plsss can u talk …
    plsss can u talk too about ppl who think too much and cant even get sleeping coz that?:( tnxxx

  6. rollercoasterbarbie Says:

    i used to sleep eat …
    i used to sleep eat, walk, drive, talk(or call people) and other weird stuff when i took a sleeping medication.. ambien.. and i dont take it anymore so i dont usually do much of that stuff anymore

  7. Dosunty Says:

    I know a bit about …
    I know a bit about having my reasoning being asleep. I have to remind myself not to make decisions as soon as my alarm wakes me up. Those decisions can be bad, even worse than my normal ones.

  8. QUESTED Says:

    @Firat19971 No and …
    @Firat19971 No and your welcome

  9. Firat19971 Says:

    subscribe me please
    subscribe me please

  10. Stephanie A Says:

    I am working on a new series for the Biography Channel that is looking into parasomnias. We are looking for people who are suffering from sleep eating or sleep walking to tell their story and then we pair them with a sleep expert to help identify the issue and layout a plan for treatment. You can find me at optomen productions in New York.

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