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You May Be Dangerously Sleep Deprived and Not Know It

March 22nd, 2010

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Today’s world is full of 24-hour entertainment, says David Schulman, MD, director of the Emory Sleep Disorders Laboratory in Atlanta. We stay up later, get up earlier, and convince ourselves that we’re getting enough sleep—even though many of us aren’t.

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14 Responses

  1. svphink Says:

    6 – 6.5 hours/night …
    6 – 6.5 hours/night ftw!

  2. curtisplc07 Says:

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  3. FBChillin Says:

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  4. mixedgrain Says:

    He is moving so …
    He is moving so much and so hyper – that must be due to a sleep problem.

  5. dominicanfigure169 Says:

    damn u ps3 u …
    u ps3 u internet all of u

  6. BjoernKP Says:

    What he’s saying is …
    What he’s saying is a fact. One would be ignorant to think that less than 8 hours is enough for the average person. I’m not saying I always get 8 hours of sleep. I’m just saying I know that I ought to.

  7. uscitizenj Says:

    deathbypowerpoint …
    deathbypowerpoint is in the army he can say what he wants. in fact hes probably overseas somewhere shedding blood to protect ur smartass. think before u speak dickhead

  8. Paomnnehal Says:

    Oh no I’m sleep …
    Oh no I’m sleep deprived! T_T
    Coffee, hand me your strength!

  9. BhanumyL Says:

    8 hours of sleep is …
    8 hours of sleep is definitely ideal :)I have article frm Harvard docs who state to get full 8! &their reasons– &another article in Post said optimal sleep is had with complete darkness in the room- there r health benefits there too,.

  10. Stickmutalation Says:

    if he said that u …
    if he said that u may turn into the opposite sex when u reach the age of 30 would u belive him dont belive everything u here ok? sure he could be right but ur going to base ur answer off of someone else’s words so “dont be dumb”

  11. virtualman111 Says:

    u think ur doing …
    u think ur doing fine.. that’s what he said don’t be dumb

  12. MassZombicide Says:

    As a result, some …
    As a result, some times the best I can manage for locomotion is staggering about and I often can’t remember what it was I was trying to do. I hate speaking when I’m tired, only to regret having not said something better but I can never sleep and I give up trying. I feel like The Machinist

  13. deathbypowerpoint Says:

    I’m in the army and …
    I’m in the army and the standard is to get at least 4 hours per night. I almost never get 8 and rarely get as much as 7. My average is 5.5-6 hours per night.

  14. thomrob10 Says:

    check out Thom …
    check out Thom Robertson

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