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November 9th, 2009

Snore-Ex or Snorex Anti Snoring Device

One of the lower cost snoring treatment devices that has received a reasonable amount of publicity as an effective Mandibular advancement device is the Snore-Ex Device, being promoted as an “Apnea Cessation Stop snoring Mouth Piece“.

While a claim as an “Apnea Cessation Device” should be treated with caution it has had a number of reviews as being positive in reducing snoring.

Snore-Ex Anti Snoring Device Kit

Snore-Ex Anti Snoring Device Kit

The Snore-Ex mouthpiece is an oral appliance also known as a Mandibular Advancement Device. It is a simple custom-fit mouthpiece that positions and holds the jaw in a forward position, opening the airways for improved airflow and reducing or eliminating snoring vibrations. Specifically the Snore-Ex device provides a forward-positioning for the tongue. This increases airflow and minimizes the most common snoring cause – soft palette vibrations in the rear of the mouth.

This Snore-Ex device is for adult use only.

Product Features as promoted by the manufacturer include;

That the Snorex Device is

  • Clinically proven to help 95% of snoring sufferers
  • Each device is individually molded to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Recommended by dentist and doctors
  • Features a convenient opening to allow air circulation
  • Includes a travel case & easy step-by-step instructions
The device itself is molded to fit and looks like the following before and after pictures.
Snore-Ex's Anti Snoring Device - BEFORE Molding

Snore-Ex’s Anti Snoring Device – BEFORE Molding

Snore-Ex's Anti Snoring Device - AFTER Molding

Snore-Ex’s Anti Snoring Device – AFTER Molding

One of the Best Prices I could find on the Snore-Ex Anti Snoring device was here.



Alternatively you may want to try a natural method to reduce your snoring problem rather than a snoring mouthpiece “?

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