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Snore Stopper Nose Pin

September 30th, 2010

Snore Stopper


This Was the BEST PRICE I Could Find for No Snore Assure.


No Snore Assure. A Newly Designed Anti Snoring/Sleep Apnea aid.

Supplier Claims that the “No Snore Assure” will:

  • Stop and reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Reduces Dry Mouth
  • Makes you inhale and exhale through your nose. This is the Safe and Natural way to breathe and therefore eliminates snoring.
  • It keeps the nostrils open for a free and Healthy nasal airway
  • As the tubes are made from soft touch medical silicone, they can be used daily for years.
  • Pack comes with 4 different sized pins to ensure correct fit.


Users comments include: 8 positive, 1 negative on product
By Mrisha on October 25, 2013
When I received the product, there were a total of 4 in the package. I had to decide which fit better-2 nights did it for me. They work well and you really do not notice them when wearing them. I beats what I had to wear before by 100%. The product is soft but I would not describe then as silk (need to change description). It’s better than those that only sends you 1 that suppose to fit all (a lie). This is my first time using such an item and they do the job by stopping the snoring.
By Michael on June 22, 2014
No Snore Assure does work. It takes some getting use to the feel and they sometimes come out in the middle of the night. I bought them because of my deviated septum which it seems to help. I would recommend trying them especially due to the affordability and multiple times they can be used. Much more effective than the nose strips.
By Agnes Skeba on August 12, 2014
It works fine… a little uncomfortable at first, but keeps my nose open. My wife says the snoring is much improved.


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