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Zzoma Positional Sleeper

January 26th, 2011

Zzoma to Stop Snoring

The Zzoma Positional Sleeper was developed by Specialists as an effective solution to prevent you sleeping on your back, which is known to be a major contributor to snoring and sleep apnea,  and as such helping to reduce or eliminate your  snoring.

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Stop Snoring Zzoma Positional Sleeper

Zzoma is easy to use, comfortable and highly effective.

The alternative of sewing a tennis ball or some other object into the back of a t-shirt will sometimes wake you if you turn over onto your back but the benefit of the Zzoma Side Sleeping Device is that it is large enough to not let you roll onto your back in the first place.

Sleep on your Side with Zzoma

Zzoma Side Sleeping Device


Comments From Those Who Have Tried Zzoma

Feed back from those who have tried the Zzoma Positional Sleeper include:-

I have tried it all and Zzoma keeps me off of my back all night long I can get a consistent good nights sleep. ”

“I have positional sleep apnea and tried 5 or 6 cpap masks before finally looking elswhere. I purchased my first zzoma around 2 years ago and have used it every night since with great results.”

“The Zzoma is a really good product and has really added to my quality of life as a person with sleep apnea and loud snoring.
My only quibble with the Zzoma is that it sometimes comes loose and rotates around your body if you are a restless sleeper. I solved this problem by pinning it to a t-shirt. This also increases my comfort level.”

“After years of keeping my wife awake with my snoring and trying every product on the market with no success.  The Zzoma positional device has been a miracle. Last night was the fifth night in a row that my wife did not hear any snoring and slept soundly through the night. I feel more rested. She is happier.
This product is a miracle. Of course it only works if you only snore when you are sleeping on your back. This was my situation so it has worked perfectly. I highly recommend this device and it is easy to get used to.”

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