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Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner

February 21st, 2011

Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner

Compact and Durable Design for Travel

The Zohne Sound conditioner or  White Noise Machine helps hide unwanted noises and can make your hotel room feel more like home for a better night’s sleep.

Just 4-1/8 inches high and weighing just over 1 pound, the sound conditioner’s lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for travel. It’s made of durable plastic and fits in the included black nylon pouch so you can toss it in a suitcase or overnight bag and go.


Get a Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner Here.

With the Zohne, you can customize your sound experience to accommodate different spaces and situations. Choose the wave (surf) or the consistent (rain/waterfall) setting, and then adjust the tone and volume exactly to your liking with the easy slide control.

Product features according to the manufacturer

  • Sleep soundly and protect privacy with high-quality white noise
  • Block out distracting noises in your home, office, or hotel room
  • Choose the seamless, soothing sound of waterfall, rain, or surf
  • Adjust tone and volume precisely with easy slide control
  • Compact size and power-adapter kit make it ideal for travel
  • Includes sound conditioner, nylon pouch, dual-voltage transformer, US, European, UK, and Australian plug adapters, and user manual

People who bought and liked the Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner said

  • The different plugs work great and the noise blocks out most road noise, snoring, noise in hotel halls etc. Couldn’t sleep without it. I carry it on with me. Couldn’t risk not having it !
  • The sound on this iteration of the Marpac Sound Conditioner is excellent- I use “Waterfall” at the deepest sound. It blocks out sound even at airport hotels!
  • ust returned from our European trip. We could sleep perfectly thanks to this Marpac. It was small, light weight and made all the difference in the world in the noisy hotels we stayed at. Perfect!
  • I would never consider traveling without this.  Essential for heavy duty travelers who are light sleepers.


People who bought and did not like the Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner have commented that:

  • It made a crackling noise when I first plugged it in. Back in the box within minutes.
  • Defective or missing switch
  • Absolutely loved the machine, but stopped working after about 3 months.


Get the Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine HERE.

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