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For sleep apnea which works better a CPAP mask or a nosepiece?

March 28th, 2011

Does insurance usually pay for it, if you cannot get used to a nosepiece and want to try a mask?

Whichever one works best for you is the one that works better.

I started with a cushioned nose mask because they didn’t have the nasal "pillows" at the time and it worked fine but as my situation changed it became uncomfortable and I had to switch. I moved and started to work nights and had trouble sleeping during the day with the mask: it was hotter and I was unable to wear a light blocking eyemask. The nose piece with the nasal pillows solved all that. The nosepiece can create more nasal dryness but I use a humidifier so that takes care of that problem anyway.

My father started with a similar cushioned nose mask but he had a lot of trouble with mouth breathing so he ended up with a full mouth and nose mask.

Insurance should cover whichever one you need to treat your apnea even if you have to switch. Call the respiratory therapist at the place where you got your equipment.

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retire navy 20yrs. what is my % disibility since i had a brain anurysm and sleep apnea with the cpap machine. ?

March 28th, 2011

I retired Oct 2008 from the Navy. I had a brain anurysm in the past while i was in the navy. I was diagnose with sleep apnea w/ cpap machine 2 yrs ago. do any one know what percent i will be looking at, or a ruff estimate. thanks for reading.

talk to your SSDI counselor.

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Is there a pill for sleep apnea treatment?

March 28th, 2011

Actually, there is a pill for sleep apnea. Not many people know about it, but it works really well — my aunts and uncles all have sleep apnea and they’ve tried it and can’t go without it. One of my uncles doesn’t even have to use his CPAP anymore.

The pill is called Sleep Apnea Relief and it’s made by a company called Nature’s Rite. This is a link to their website.


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If I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, will having a breathing tube during open-heart surgery cause complications?

March 28th, 2011

My son has obstructive sleep apnea and needs open-heart surgery to help get rid of the pressure in his lungs, I have heard that having a breathing tube in for the amount of time that the surgery is will cause complications when trying to remove it after…. is this information valid??

This is difficult to say. The endotracheal tube in and of itself will not cause problems related to his sleep apnea. What it sounds like is that they are concerned if he’ll be able to come off the ventilator after the surgery. You don’t say what kind of open heart surgery he’s having. If it’s a bypass it’s not likely to effect his lungs post op. If it is a valve they’re replacing, like the Mitral valve or the Aortic valve then, yes, it will help clear the Congestive heart failure. That will help his lungs function properly and increase his chances of coming off the ventilator greatly. Once he’s off the ventilator they take the endotracheal tube out almost immediately after.
Some people do get slight swelling of the throat and possibly the vocal cords. But this doesn’t happen often, especially when the tube is put in under OR conditions. I

If it is a valve they’re replacing this should help with the apnea. If he is overweight he must lose the excess if he’s going to have any chance of getting off the CPAP machine.
God bless you both and help him to a speedy recovery.


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what is Central Sleep Apnea n how is it cured?

March 28th, 2011

what types of sleep apnea do they have and how are each cured. thanks

A person with central apnea has issues with the respiratory center from the brain. This center controls the chest muscles to make breathing movements.

When the respiratory center stops working during sleep, then your breathing stops, too. The brain does not respond to the changes of the respiratory gas levels from the blood (oxygen and carbon dioxide).

In central apnea, you stop breathing in sleep for a period of time (at least 10 seconds), but there is no effort to breathe at all, like in obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore snoring is not present in central apnea.

Typically, you will wake up several times at night, often with the sensation of gasping or choking during sleep. If this waking up episodes are frequent enough to cause disruption of your sleep, then you feel very tired during daytime.

The treatment for central apnea is based on medicine therapy and breathing machines.

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CPAP Mask Types and Maintenance – ResMed CPAP Overview – Part 6

March 28th, 2011

Learn about CPAP Therapy and OSA.

This 8-part series of videos (plus an introduction) was produced by ResMed to help patients begin their new therapy, and is bought to you by, a leading Internet reatailer of CPAP supplies. Visit for more information.

Introduction – Are you at risk for OSA?
Part 1 – Introduction to OSA
Part 2 – What to Expect Before and After a Sleep Study
Part 3 – Welcome to CPAP
Part 4 – CPAP Device Operation
Part 5 – Understanding Humidification
Part 6 – Mask Types and Maintenance
Part 7 – Routinely Replacing Supplies
Part 8 – Going Forward, What’s next?

This video is part of series. To view the complete series and learn more about CPAP Therapy, visit:

Duration : 0:2:24

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aveoTSD Patient Testimonial

March 28th, 2011

Mark, after learning he snored and even sometimes stopped breathing during sleep, sought advice from his doctor on how to get a better night’s sleep. While traditional mandibular advancement devices are effective for some patients, Mark found the aveoTSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) was a more suitable option for him. Visit for more information.

Duration : 0:2:29

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Cure Sleep Apnea – Stop Snoring Tonight

March 28th, 2011 Are you snoring yourself to death? Sleep Apnea is a serious condition and cause many couples to sleep apart. Please click on link for more information.

Duration : 0:3:33

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obstructive sleep apnea

March 28th, 2011

El Lobo Duerme

Duration : 0:0:56

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Takes off the CPAP mask EVERY night in her sleep?

March 21st, 2011

DW has tried a medium mask, small mask and now nasal pillows for sleep apnea. The cpap includes a humidifier. I don’t think she has slept with the mask on thru the night more than 3 times in the last 3 years.

Has she tried the full mask or just the nasal type masks?

I have a full mask with head gear and it has to be adjusted around the forehead and the chin. Some people even have to sleep with a chin strap.

She also may need to change the seeting on her humidifier to be more or less than what she has it set for now.

Sometimes the brand that of mask that you use can cause irritation during the evening. Try using a different brand.

There is also a special pillow that has cutouts so that the mask is more comfortable to use. I personally did not like it but others can not live without it. It is made from memory foam.


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