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My boyfriend(17) has Central Sleep Apnea?

December 27th, 2011

What does it mean?

Can it kill you or get worse?

Can it be cured?

He is 145 pounds about, and 5’8.

What are his risk?

Does it make a diff. since his only 17?

Help me, Thank You so so Much!!! <3

Central Sleep Apnea is fairly uncommon. I have only seen a few every year or so. it can be treated but usually with Bipap and a set Resp-Rate. His weight really does not matter in this case, because it is a brain malfunction in this case (simple terms) not a soft tissue issue. But if he gets proper treatment for his Sleep Apnea, he might lose some weight because he will be more active during the daytime and not so sleepy.


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does having central sleep apnea require special treatment for extractions, root canals and implants?

December 19th, 2011

i have intensive central sleep apnea and seizures. i have 6 posted veneered front teeth which were done more than 20 years ago. i need those teeth pulled out as well as 5 others, and root canals in 3 others. the extractions will be done by an oral surgeon, implants and root canals by dentist. will special attention need to be used for anesthesia and pain control? is it possible to get them to do it in a hospital? could i get some of it covered by my medical insurance?

It depends on the level of anesthesia you are getting. If you are just doing local and staying awake during the procedure then it will have no effect. If you are going under general anesthesia(getting put to sleep) then you should mention it to your doctor. He may want to do the procedures in a hospital( this is common for medically complex cases). I cant tell you about insurance without even knowing what company/plan you have. Best person to talk to will be the doctors front desk or your insurance company.
@seizures- Are you on medication for your seizures? what kind are they? what sets them off? these are things you need to discuss with your doctor prior to the day of surgery.

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Central Sleep Apnea, Any Ideas?

December 11th, 2011

Since 10 to 15% of people with Apnea have Central Sleep Apnea, I’m looking for like-diagnosed people who are willing to share their stories, cures, what they are doing with their Doctors, if anything. I was diagnosed in 2004 and have never been told it’s a not a curable condition, but surfing the internet tells me about "diaphramatic pacing" and the ability to get well. So far, Doctors have about killed me (no offence), and I find aerobic exercise to be of the most benefit. What do you find?

But it depends on an individual and severity of symptoms. If symptoms are present, treatment is warranted. The decision to treat should be made on an individual basis.

I have heard of several different treatments aimed at central sleep apnea and include positive airway pressure, adaptive servo ventilation (ASV), oxygen, added dead space, and overdrive atrial pacing.
It also depends on age and condition of lungs etc.

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