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Childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnea Video

September 11th, 2009

A before and after of my son sleeping with Obstructive Sleep apnea, and him sleeping after the surgery to correct it. The surgery for hum was a huge success.

Duration : 0:2:45

[youtube Bl535aW3g0c]

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  1. KaySkywalker Says:

    believe me I have …
    believe me I have the same issue where I sleep either good bad or not at all. Sometimes it’ll be three days before I finally get some sleep. It is possible.

  2. vikestwinsfan Says:

    He sleeps once …
    He sleeps once every few days?? How is that even possible?

  3. 77Monaro Says:

    only about 60% of …
    only about 60% of adults with OSA are overweight. yes, overweight does make it worse, but other people should not make the mistake of thinking they can”t have OSA.

  4. TheHeadHunter824 Says:

    I’m happy to see …
    I’m happy to see this video …

  5. LikaLaruku Says:

    He’s fortunate. I …
    He’s fortunate. I have a family member with sleep apnea who sleeps once every few days & needs this contraption with a mask & distilled water.

  6. SweetCindyxxx Says:

    My son has the same …
    My son has the same thing and he is 11 months.

  7. regbrecke Says:

    He had surgery was …
    He had surgery was he was 4. But the year previously the symptoms were getting worse and worse. He would wake us up down the hall in our bedroom with the snores, and when he would hold his breath, it would make you want to shake him to get him to breathe again. Clearly at such a young age…it is anatomical, the enlargement of the soft tissues and adenoids in the back of the throat. He is in no way overweight like most adults with obstructive sleep apnea.

  8. AytidaRed Says:

    when did you find …
    when did you find out he had OSA?

  9. regbrecke Says:

    We have great …
    We have great results~ He is up and awake in the morning, much more energy.

  10. 23skeedoo Says:

    My son has the same …
    My son has the same thing! He is 13 and set for a Tosillectomy and adoinectomy. Did he he have good results? Good for you getting the jump on it, we discovered it very late at 13 years. Good to see I love kids

  11. regbrecke Says:

    Tosillectomy and …
    Tosillectomy and adoinectomy

  12. dolphinsdive Says:

    What type of …
    What type of surgery did he have?

  13. 1992peter Says:

    Very cute!!

    May …
    Very cute!!

    May God bless him.

    Very precious.

  14. regbrecke Says:

    Surgery corrected …
    Surgery corrected the problem

  15. videopascl Says:

    what has been done …
    what has been done to him?

  16. campingbymoonlight Says:

    God Bless my little …
    God Bless my little nephew!! I’m so happy that he can sleep peacefully now!! I love you Mathias!!

  17. BetnyBekah Says:

    Eden said, “Poor …
    Eden said, “Poor little guy. I am so glad he went home after a few days. Poor little guy, he sleeps better now.”

  18. BetnyBekah Says:

    WOW, I cried …
    WOW, I cried watching him sleep silently! What a blessing! I am so happy for him! Thanks for sharing that video!

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