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Snoring and Sleep Apnea aid from Naivent

May 13th, 2010

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Product Features

– NASIVENT Tube® helps in +/- 84% of all cases. NasiVent is sold over the million in Europe.
– New in the U.S. Tested and recommended by E.N.T. doctors (see list underneath)
– As Not one Nose is the same, NasiVent Tube comes in 4 different sizes.
– Does NOT fall out of the nose while sleeping due to the perfect fit.
– For Just a healthy Sleep without Snoring and Apnea and dry mouth. German Design. Money back Gar..
MD. Med. Mathias Riemann ENT doctor, logopedics
MD. Med. Dieter Rieman, ENT doctor, logopedics
MD. Th. Mandelkow / Dr. G. Salz, ENT doctor
MD. Uli Hendrich, ENT doctor
MD. Med. André Passerino, University of Strasbourg, ENT doctor, voice and speech anomalies
MD. Med. Rüdiger Welb, ENT dr.
MD. Med. Thomas Kämmerer, ENT Dr.
MD. Med. Guido Hoffmann / Dr. Med. Klaus Filipponi, ENT doctor, plastic surgery
MD. Med. Maritta Spiegelberg, leading ENT Dr., ENT Department, MU. Hospital
MD. Med. Uwe Pommerich, ENT and allergology dr.
MD. Med. Gerhard Flemming, ENT and logopedics Dr.

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