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How to Diagnose Sleep Disorders : Sleep Walking

March 21st, 2011

There are a lot of misguided perceptions about what sleep walkers look like and how to help them. Learn more about sleep walking and how to help someone who sleep walks from our medical expert in this free video.

Expert: Taylor Smith
Bio: Taylor Smith, CMA, is a multifaceted Certified Medical Assistant.
Filmmaker: Doug Craig

Duration : 0:2:9

[youtube HNj04Omq60U]


17 Responses

  1. WeaslysWizardWeezes Says:

    one morning i woke …
    one morning i woke up and couldnt find my glasses and i remembered putting them on my table in my bedroom and when i found them they where in the kitchen
    and i dont remember putting them there at all
    could i have been sleepwalking??

  2. xXxERICxXx8 Says:

    @xXxERICxXx8 was …
    @xXxERICxXx8 was taking any drugs but i wasnt. i then found out i literally skipped a whole hour in what felt like two minutes of sleep. can you tell me what the happened to me?

  3. xXxERICxXx8 Says:

    today at school i …
    today at school i feel asleep. but this time it was different. i fell asleep at around 2:00 and i woke up at 3:25. in my seventh period. i fell asleep in my 5th period. went to 6th period just fine, down a case of stairs. then in 6th period apparently i was just fine. responsing regularly. and after 6th i even had a convorsation in my sleep. that involved me walking up 3 flights of stairs IN MY FRIGGIN SLEEP. i woke up in shock. looking around and gaining my enviornment. my freinds asked me if i

  4. shannie602 Says:

    @eugenelizard well …
    @eugenelizard well there is a sleep disorder where you have the erge to get up and urinate on the floor, talk to your doctor.
    Hope that helped!


    My 10 year old …
    My 10 year old little brother walk 10 blocks to my house it was 2:30 in the morning and my mom didn’t even kno he was gone first time leaving the house but he’s allways been a sleep walker . We are putting locks and alarms on the doors

  6. cwjop Says:

    i dont usually …
    i dont usually sleep walk but i think i just walked 5 min from my house while sleeping and its freezing outside

  7. SebbeSucksBawlz Says:

    @ohmygodwheresmykid …
    @ohmygodwheresmykid tell him you were sleep walking when you did it lol it’s not like he can blame you.

  8. MultiKingBaRoMa Says:

    When is was at home …
    When is was at home my mum told me she caught me taking plates upstairs to put in the bath.

  9. noobytouch Says:

    @coolnerd92 sorry …
    @coolnerd92 sorry but did you say dads or did you mean dad. s was a mistake>?

  10. noobytouch Says:

    my sister sleep …
    my sister sleep walked and made a snow angel!

  11. JuliatheCoolest Says:

    My mom says I’ve …
    My mom says I’ve sleepwalked a couple of times in my life. Is waking up and finding things moved around or messed up in my room a sign that I’m sleepwalking but staying in my room?

  12. KINGOFNEWYORK1000 Says:

    @eugenelizard hi …
    @eugenelizard hi did you get a answer for the cure

  13. diehardpunk19 Says:

    if he knows you …
    if he knows you quit and he knows you dont want to continue smoking he will understand. a good bf wouldnt get upset over something like that

  14. eugenelizard Says:

    i sleep walked last …
    i sleep walked last night but i don’t remember my girlfriend told me i just want to go pee on stuff whats a cure for this?

  15. ohmygodwheresmykid Says:

    ok so I have been a …
    ok so I have been a sleep walker since I was a child. I’ve never done anything dangerous but if the furnature gets moved I may trip and fall. What alarms me the most is that last night I sleep walked downstairs, to the kitchen, grabbed a cigar and lighter, and went outside and smoked the cigar. I have no memory of these actions. What makes me so mad is that I quit in Oct. 09. My roommates smoke but never inside. How do I explain to my b/f that I smoked w/o him getting upset?

  16. MrSymposier Says:

    One of my friends …
    One of my friends is experiencing walking while sleeping. Right now, I know that it is one of the sleeping disorders. The 3rd WASM World Congress that focuses on sleeping disorder will be their assembly in Brazil. If you want more details about this, please visit Symposier site.

  17. coolnerd92 Says:

    lol id sleep walk …
    lol id sleep walk when my dads said move to the smaller couch

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