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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

January 10th, 2010

I talk about my last video and my sleep apnea. If you like to know more about sleep apnea, I have a link to Web MD.

Duration : 0:3:55

[youtube VoNA64yzWz0]

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  1. af1eagle Says:

    For what it’s worth …
    For what it’s worth, the man who fitted me for my CPAP was in awesome shape; He has sleep apnea and has been on a CPAP for 12 years. How did fat cause his problem again? Understand that there are real medical conditions out there that cause weight gain and it is extremely unfair to those of us who are losing our health to REAL medical issues. Just some support for those of you who have been dealt the reality cards and don’t care for insulting comments about it is obviously because you are fat

  2. af1eagle Says:

    I have sleep apnea …
    I have sleep apnea too. Now, when you have obstructive sleep apnea, you literally have no energy. Excersice goes down, you slump into depression because you know something’s wrong but you don’t know why. I went from health fanatic to obese and the culprit has been sleep apnea. I have heard many stories about how you are to lose a lot of weight when you get your energy back. I’m personally excited to lead a normal life again….

  3. af1eagle Says:

    Just wanted to …
    Just wanted to throw in my two-cents in on this; Obviously, being over weight is sure to cause complications. Do not be so naive; however, to believe that the being overweight is the initial problem. In-fact, if you’ve ever heard the expression, “treating the symptom, not the problem” then you should know where I’m coming from with my support on this forum. I am 25 years old and active duty military. I was 157lbs and now am 230. I found out late that I’m a type 1 diabetic and also that…

  4. heavensholiness Says:

    sir my hubby may …
    sir my hubby may have it and i keep prayign fro him to be healed from it it sure is scary thing to watch your huby not breathe at night and then yu have to shake him cause u have to get him back to breathing agin . we dotn have insurance for this stuff yu know any place that would help with this situation .. we will be praying for you and yes hes over weight as well and hes on a diet and exercises more now hope when the weight comes off he wont have any more problems like this .

  5. zegonzales Says:

    more fat burtned …
    more fat burtned than fat formed this is the math. Try Atkins and this problem will go away. I decided to lose fat because of sleep apnea, and Atkins has had a tremedous impact on my life in every sense …

  6. foxtoon Says:

    I have taking off …
    I have taking off 25 pounds as of the posting of this video.
    20/20 did a show about sleep and weight gain. The less sleep you get the more your body wants suger to keep going.
    That also simple.

  7. derrell445 Says:

    Its simple Math…. …
    Its simple Math….Its easy.
    If you eat more calories than you use you gain weight.
    If use more calories than you eat you lose weight.
    Loose 100 pounds and 90% of your problems will go away. I’m not being mean.
    Its the truth, you make the decision.
    Good Luck.

  8. 1ToNJaB Says:

    dude, hes fat …
    dude, hes fat because he can’t sleep.

  9. MyBabyDaddys Says:

    YOu cant breath b/c …
    YOu cant breath b/c your FAT!!!!!!

  10. macrina9 Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the update ,Russell….It’s good to see you in a new vid!!!!!!

  11. jasmin Says:

    a require of quality sleep can cause accidents, affect your relationships, and mental prowess; and make you feel normally “disconnected” from the world. If your restlessness is caused by a tough, you might not have trouble getting your sleep back on track after the deadline, but if you have trouble sleeping on a usual basis, this guide to managing common sleep problems and disorders can help you be well on your manner to experiencing healthy, restorative sleep.

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