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Rosie O’Donnell and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (The View)

September 11th, 2009

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Rosie O’Donnell and her guest, sleep doctor Michael Breus, discuss the diagnosis and treatment of her sleep apnea. Rosie discusses the process of being diagnosed via a sleep study, and demonstrates how to use her CPAP mask. Dr. Breus explains what obstructive sleep apnea is and how it can affect physical and mental health. He also explains the symptoms of OSA and talks about how women in particular often believe they have insomnia when in fact they have apnea.

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25 Responses

  1. wrfrock Says:

    rosie has kids???
    rosie has kids???

  2. Digitalbumpin Says:

    10lbs or more …
    10lbs or more overweight?
    That is the sleep apnea cause.

    Exercise regularly. Eat clean. Lose weight.
    Apnea goes away.

  3. gatipunero Says:

    how i wish i could …
    how i wish i could have one of those gadgets.. i’d rather wear those masks just to have a good sleep at night.. hays!

  4. JohnnyKutz Says:

    I have been waking …
    I have been waking up sometimes over the last few months with my heart beat very fast. I wonder if this is sleep apnea.

  5. charleecrat Says:

    I have central. I …
    I have central. I need to go to a clinic instead of the lab I went to. So far have yet to see a doc about this and I read it is serious!

  6. jlsiesta69 Says:

    She will never use …
    She will never use the mask for the long term. My doctor found an adjustment to the sinus’s that is a permanent answer to Sleep Apnea. CHeck out jlsiesta69 and see info video. You’ll be suprised at what you see.

  7. caperucita2009 Says:

    im a sleep tech.. …
    im a sleep tech.. and i have seen wonders what a cpap machine can do on someone who is sleep deprived. CPAP is not for everyone but it can help. There are other methds such as the surgery, dental devices and losing weigth if you dont want to wear the mask.

  8. phsyco348 Says:

    r u sure its sleep …
    r u sure its sleep troubles??? oh my.

  9. elvisdadude Says:

    glitch>>glitch>> …

  10. posessedbymusic Says:

    LOL LOL i’m …
    LOL LOL i’m in my pants with laughter ! Rosie should be the spokesperson for this

  11. miketrue333 Says:

    i have over 700 …
    i have over 700 apnia in one night

  12. robertuk2006 Says:

    Hey everyone, …
    Hey everyone, Please tune in to watch Rosie’s brand new Variety show which is a thanksgiving special called Rosie Live. It is on nbc on nov 26th at 8pm. I heard it is going to be really good.

  13. IainB1511 Says:

    Some great …
    Some great information here. To those who have spoken about surgery, it rarely works, tonsillectomy in your teens can be effective, but in adults 6-9 months post surgery (UPPP)I have not seen a single patient who’s sleep related breathing disorder was effectively treated. And yes this is a treatment, similar to a diabetic uses insulin as a treatment, CPAP is a sleep apnea treatment. Weight loss is the only cure, I am the technical director of a sleep disorders centre

  14. libarsh Says:

    The Snoring Isn’t …
    The Snoring Isn’t Sexy website encourages patients to discuss their experiences with CPAP, Dental Mouthpieces and Pillar procedure. Visit the “Patient Comments” section and rate your appliance, CPAP or surgical procedure’s effectiveness.

  15. crazycures Says:

    Playing the …
    Playing the didgeridoo has helped me and they didn’t mention that on the RR show. I love it and I’m getting good at it now. There is a fun yet educational video on YouTube about this on my “Crazy Cures” channel. Just search YouTube for “sleep apnea didgeridoo” and you’ll see it right at the top.

  16. SilveringsII Says:

    Hmm…so does this …
    Hmm…so does this mean we have to snore to have sleep apnea? Or can people who don’t show snoring symptoms have sleep apnea as well?

  17. NursesRockk Says:

    Wow..I am going to …
    Wow..I am going to a sleep study tomorrow night (or tonight) its already AM go figure…I had sinus surgery and I was able to stop snoring for 10 years…I had another little one and gained some weight and am snoring again. I am about 30 pounds over weight and do not even have the energy to work out. I hope I can get some help tomorrow

  18. doonay7 Says:

    Sleep apnea can be …
    Sleep apnea can be very embarrassing with having to be on a mask. though this is so its saving your life and friendships around you. being on a mask makes you a thousand time less irratating grumpy and impatient. by helping with this it causes your family and friends to stay friends with a more happier and enjoyable you. there are thousands and thousands of people put on machines daily there is help out there.

  19. GapMentor Says:

    I was diagnosed …
    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea – the doctors told me a mask wouldn’t help. Fortunately I did find help losing 20 lbs like vtube.

  20. pellabella Says:

    pls help me out… …
    pls help me out…did you stop snoring after surgery or did it only improve with lees snoring?

  21. magic4you2c Says:

    i have just been …
    i have just been diagnosed with severe restrictive sleep apnea and just got my machine today i have had sllep problems since i was 30 and am now 45 i stop breathing on average 75 times per hour .and have had 3 minutes not breathing during sleep. is that scary or what. i can hold my breath for about 2 and a half minutes while im awake. will keep you informed on how i do my mask by the way is a full facial mask

  22. thiagotoledoaf Says:

    so we’ve gotta …
    so we’ve gotta sleep with it forever?!
    cause i do have apnea. And its really embarasing…

  23. factsnow Says:

    make sure there are …
    make sure there are no clock radios or phones close to your head, the electric field can have a big effect on sleep

  24. realnoid Says:

    I’ve had it on rare …
    I’ve had it on rare occasions w/o snoring.
    I’ve slept with a girl who had it and
    slept is actually the wrong word because
    you can’t sleep with them. I listened
    with her briefly.

    185? Thats how much I weigh at 6′.

  25. muvilv Says:

    Thank you so much. …
    Thank you so much. I’m a sleep technologist majoring in Psychology. This is great inspiration. I am so exited to be a part of this evolving field.

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