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What is sleep apnea

February 12th, 2010

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What do you look like when you sleep with sleep apnea? Take a look how the tongue constricts air flow causing you to choke.

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  1. curemysnore Says:

    You should try an …
    You should try an oral appliance. Oral appliance are 80% effective in eliminating sleep apnea.

  2. zolmisan Says:

    I have it too , I …
    I have it too , I was told two years ago now, I could not sleep with CPAP, I went to sleep lab twice, tried different masks , but couldn’t breath through any , the doctor said that a muscle relaxes in the back of my throught , and blocks my breathing , I snoar a lot very loud , my wife wakes me up to turn on my side to breath easier, and to lower the snoaring sound , I feel very bad for her, I wake up with headaches , feel sleepy and very tired , it relly made my life miserable .

  3. TheDetectivemittens Says:

    its wierd , i don ‘ …
    its wierd , i don ‘t have this, but last night each time i treid to go to sleep but my mind kept on hinking about my breath so i couldn’t do it atoamaticly , can somone help?

  4. cumsluts Says:

    made me cum
    made me cum

  5. suegee1950 Says:

    You are waking up …
    You are waking up because you are not breathing. If you take a sleeping pill, it might prevent you from waking up. That is not a good thing. If you have been diagnosed, let the doctors treat you with a CPAP machine or surgery.

  6. marrylegs28 Says:

    aw im sorry u have …
    aw im sorry u have that glad u can treat it

  7. kontekoekerd Says:

    You’ll feel …

    You’ll feel much better!
    Bonne chance.

  8. Chevellefan01 Says:

    wow, thats for scary
    wow, thats for scary

  9. suegee1950 Says:

    I have severe sleep …
    I have severe sleep apnea. I was a zombie getting no sleep at night for over 1 year. It even affected my heart. I now use CPAP. Works 100%. I sleep soundly all night. I use the nasal pillow type. I am a human being again, rested, happy and healthy.

  10. missone052003 Says:

    O wow… I’m sorry …
    O wow… I’m sorry to hear u wanna go, but they have diagnose me w/ the same thing and I efuse to go!

  11. darkelite6667 Says:

    Ive had this for …
    Ive had this for sometime now,now everyday i pray for death to come take me away ive tried everything its hopeless.

  12. Zarzanator Says:

    ive had it before i …
    ive had it before i lived with my brother at the time so i thought he was blocking my nose but now i know it wasnt him! =(

  13. lbforlifeXx Says:

    I have sleep apnea. …
    I have sleep apnea. Its scary & i can’t move while i’m suffocating in my dreams.

  14. MultiBrad101 Says:

    i have just been …
    i have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea, after suffering a few seizures in my sleep it has triggered a form of nocturnal epilepsy, im on meds (to control the seizures)and so far so good, ive lost a few kgs(although im not hugely overweight) but still am not sleeping the best so hopefully it begins to get better

  15. PlayaJay32 Says:

    I stop breathing in …
    I stop breathing in my sleep too no matter how I sleep. I would wake up too sleepy to go to work most of the time. I fell asleep standing up at work often and fell asleep behind the wheel too. The thing is that I don’t have health care or the cash to go to sleep study. One day I fell asleep on the couch sitting up right. The best sleep I had in years. I woke up feeling like a teen again so I sleep like this often and still have to same effects. Sleeping up right unblocks my airways.

  16. loveja1 Says:

    thx, I’m waiting …
    thx, I’m waiting for my appointment now. I tried sleeping on my side, still the same thing

  17. Filipinoborn Says:

    I think it’s bad if …
    I think it’s bad if you take a sleeping pill.. I also have sleep apnea, and it’s really hard for me to sleep. Try sleeping Sideways, maybe it’ll help. Another thing you can do is ask ur doctor about CPAP.

  18. loveja1 Says:

    I’m wondering if it …
    I’m wondering if it would be bad if I took a sleeping pill to help me sleep during the night. I just recently found out that I had this because of my g/f telling me that I stop berating for long periods, and I snore really bad. I’ll usually wake up many times during the night and I’m totally exhausted right now. I wont take a sleeping pill till I ask the doctor though, ‘m not that crazy for sleep

  19. Suddendeath9 Says:

    Sleep apnea almost …
    Sleep apnea almost killed me. Now I use a CPAP and take Secrets of Eden Acai Energy Boost. It helps when I wake up tired.

  20. weerd2normal Says:

    i have sleep panic …
    i have sleep panic disorder, except i wake up thinking i am choking, and i think its real

  21. dboch3716 Says:

    You die from the …
    You die from the stroke induced by the apnea!

  22. spcaue Says:

    go look for …
    go look for treatment.. I work with it.. there’s a device called CPAP or VPAP.. it really helps.. although you cannot die, apnea prevents you from REM sleep..which is really important bla bla… go look for treatment

  23. VCthaGOATdunker Says:

    I had this only one …
    I had this only one time in my life, and needless to say it was frightening because I didn’t know what it was and why it was happening to me. Maybe it I am suffering from sleep apnea without knowing it, but as far as I know I only noticed it one time. I kept waking up gasping for air.

  24. joetommany Says:

    haha yeah, i suffer …
    haha yeah, i suffer from this, and it looks like a YOUR GOING TO DIE kinda thing. living with it is hard though.

  25. phatman811 Says:

    u cant die from …
    u cant die from sleep apnea you wake up if the suspension of breathing is too long

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