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Health : Sleep Center Part II (Sleep Apnea)

October 21st, 2009

My second visit to the sleep center for additional diagnostics and a trial run with a CPAP mask, to hopefully stop me from ‘dying while I am dreaming.’

Duration : 0:3:37

[youtube FuYzXE6SzrQ]

13 Responses

  1. KaySkywalker Says:

    My dad has one of …
    My dad has one of those too and now I’m thinking I need one because I was spending the night with my step sister and she said my breathing sounded really shallow and I was talking for three hours straight. My dad even did the I am your father line.

  2. louisianaguy18 Says:

    god i have to have …
    god i have to have the apnea test done in 2 days

  3. AurorasPop Says:

    I’ve just got the …
    I’ve just got the same message on my machine ! Hahaha ! Now i have some inspiration to entertain the nurce during the fitting of my F16 mask. 🙂 Thanks for that co-clubmember!

  4. chica825 Says:

    That mask is wicked …
    That mask is wicked looking. But, I’m sure you have a smaller machine now right. My friend has to sleep with one also and it just goes up her nose.

  5. ronknights Says:

    I’ve lived with …
    I’ve lived with Sleep Apnea all my life.

    I’ve been treated for about a decade.

  6. darky10121987 Says:

    almosty look like a …
    almosty look like a bunny face with that on lol

  7. Redfox1994no Says:

    Nice video.
    Nice video.

  8. andrew42092 Says:

    Yea my step dad has …
    Yea my step dad has it too. He has to wear a mask too.

  9. orangeguy81 Says:

    My dad where one if …
    My dad where one if those also! 🙂

  10. queenbutterfly7811 Says:

    OMG you had the …
    OMG you had the nurse freaking out on you! She said your CRAZY!! LOL LOL I give this video ONE! it my favorite!!! THANKS for making us all laugh.

  11. applerulz Says:

    i agree the plane …
    i agree the plane one is one of the best!

  12. MeCharlieIs Says:

    at first the thingy …
    at first the thingy under your nose on the mask looked like teeth LOL

  13. wilkinsonproductions Says:

    yeh, your kinda …
    yeh, your kinda crazy? lol, that was halerious

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