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Sleep Disorders

September 11th, 2009

Many Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Steve, is one of these and he gets evaluated at a clinic at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Duration : 0:2:33

[youtube 6JU4uGcMm6I]

16 Responses

  1. MrSymposier Says:

    It is very alarming …
    It is very alarming to know about this sleeping problems of the American people. I think they are not just the ones experiencing this but all walks in life. This sleeping disorder problems are being discussed thoroughly in the coming 3rd WASM World Congress focusing on sleeping health and disorders. You can visit Symposier site for more updates and details regarding the congress. See you!

  2. MrSymposier Says:

    It is very alarming …
    It is very alarming that most Americans are experiencing problems on sleeping. I think they are not just the ones who are experiencing this, especially those busy people are

  3. blakebellamy82 Says:

    I have a disorder,I …
    I have a disorder,I sat up for days at a time.

  4. nonon19451 Says:

    Mix very basic …
    Mix very basic medical information and biased advertising and you get this.

    A more intelligent way to handle any medical problem would be to consult a decent doctor/ psychiatrist and read as much independent scientific information on your problems as necessary too fully understand them.

  5. maovaj Says:

    yes i think thats …
    yes i think thats one too thats under a certain type of sleeping disorders
    i cant remember exactly but it can be one
    look it up and check out the symtoms.

  6. maovaj Says:

    yes u should …
    yes u should definetely check it out
    it could be just an irregular sleeping patterns
    but if it goes over a week or a month
    then check it at a doctor
    or i advice looking it up online to checking out books..
    there should be more symptoms
    sleeping disorders is one of the hardest thing
    to identify so take it seriously

  7. maovaj Says:

    yeah it could me …
    yeah it could me narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, or/ and hypersomnia..
    but u should definitely check it out
    if it cause u to have mood swings,
    lose motivations etc
    an overnight or more test
    will be able to determine exactly what it is
    since there are so many sleeping disorders
    i believe about 100 or more..

  8. Dosalt Says:

    until now I didnt …
    until now I didnt realise that I have a sleeping disorder

  9. JNJhealth Says:

    As always, we …
    As always, we advise you to consult your health care professional for any medical advice or diagnosis.

  10. tilldawn2430 Says:

    At night, it …
    At night, it sometimes takes hours for me to fall asleep.
    At daytime I’m really tired and what keeps me awake is that my eyes are hurting.
    On weekends I’m able to sleep peacefully and for a long time. But when I’m up I feel even more tired and want to laze around all day.
    I went to the doctor: I don’t have any iron defiency and there’s nothing wrong with the thyroid.

    What other reasons could there be?

  11. MathyousBeats Says:

    what about body …
    what about body twitching and waking up and not being able to move or talk for a few seconds

  12. thanhdam67 Says:

    wow, i like this …
    wow, i like this video. now i am wanting it

  13. manunechka2003 Says:


  14. JNJhealth Says:

    I advise you to …
    I advise you to seek advice from your doctor or health care professional.

  15. xaliceerex Says:

    what if all u do is …
    what if all u do is sleep ? because all i do is sleep and i am allways tired i sleep most of the time i usally go to sleep at half 8 and wake uo at like half 1 or half 2 and it really gets to me do u know whats wrong with me ?

  16. Arthurdfjh Says:

    Great video, If …
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    Thomas, Monroe, AL

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