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CPAP changes Post-op Gastric Bypass, Post weight loss

February 12th, 2010

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I have sleep apnea, I have a Bi-pap machine and it has been forcing air into my pouch, I saw a DR today. This is a video about CPAP and sleep apnea post-op and Post weight loss.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. hotandfith0ney Says:

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    Lose Weight easily and natural ! Guaranteed results More info at my profile !

  2. powerof0ne Says:

    I have a cpap set …
    I have a cpap set at 12 and feel I need to have it set lower. I have had sleep apnea all my life…not weight related, good times. I have noticed I take it off in the middle of the night in my sleep, too.
    I’m calling my cpap tech next week to get this adjusted..I also moved to colorado springs with a much higher elevation then where I was and need it adjusted.

  3. goldlmine007 Says:

    Check my page!
    Check my page!

  4. Tworonin234 Says:

    I have a Cpap …
    I have a Cpap machine too. It’s set at 10. I love that I can sleep so much better, yet I’ll be glad to lose enough weight to get rid of it for good!

  5. pnchamilton13 Says:

    i myself suffer …
    i myself suffer from sleeo issuesas a matter of fact im doing a sleep study at 9 tonight in pinhurst nc – so i totally understasnd about- the walking dead lol –

  6. katchaya Says:

    congrats on your …
    congrats on your awesome results. I will not have gastric surgery, but i have been on my bi-pap machine for a little over 1.5 years now and have lost about 170 lbs. Its amazing how breathing properly at night can give ones cells a metabolism and your brain enough energy to plan meals properly.
    I am having the farting/belching problem now too but hopefully the doctor can reset the pressure when i see her next time.

  7. bbolam72 Says:

    for 2 years i had a …
    for 2 years i had a bipap with a humidifierb set at 12
    and i also get the lines on the face in the morning..
    before the machine i was falling asleep in meetings at work and computer chair at home and other places, it was so embarrassing.

  8. massagegoddess Says:

    Aw.. that is so …
    Aw.. that is so sweet! Sorry you are having trouble! I think it is time for mine to get turned down again…

  9. cputb1 Says:

    Stumbled across …
    Stumbled across your vid in a cpap search. I’ve had mine a month now (they set it to 12), and I wish I could say it’s made a positive difference, but just the opposite seems true. I don’t think I’ve slept less in my life, hahaha. But I applaud you in all you’re doing. I and everyone, could learn a lot from your attitude about facing facts and then DOing something about it! Best wishes for continued success!

  10. massagegoddess Says:

    I am glad you saw …
    I am glad you saw this! I am gonna sleep with a borrowed machine that adjusts all night to figure out my new number. They don’t want to do a full on sleep study till I get to goal. My new bipap number is so much better now and I sleep so well

  11. AwesomeForever Says:

    Thanks for this …
    Thanks for this particular video. I have experienced the same thing. My pressure is 17 in, and I have been burping incredibly long once I put my bi-pap machine on. I find that I wake up in the morning with so much gas…

    I was wondering last week if the problem with gas is the bi-pap machine. I certainly do not think it is food.

    You know, my specialist may be the one to talk to. I was thinking that I should have another study. I am 118 pounds down, and still a long way to go.

  12. massagegoddess Says:

    usually you have …
    usually you have them call and check on you, then they call your friends and family and give them an update on your condition, you are a go-btween so the person in the hospital doesn’t have to deal with people calling a bunch

  13. ellesix Says:

    Really? What …
    Really? What exactly does the surgery angel entail then? I thought they would come to the hospital and check on you and stuff.

  14. massagegoddess Says:

    I drive through GA …
    I drive through GA every other week, my surgery angel lives very far away, In Michigan!

  15. ellesix Says:

    You can call me out …
    You can call me out anytime in your videos, Amelia! LOL

    You do look luminecent! (I am almost certain I spelled that!)

    You make this process so much more bearable…and exciting! I wish you lived in Georgia! I so need a surgery angel! 🙁

  16. massagegoddess Says:

    They loaned me a …
    They loaned me a machine for 2 nights and adjusted my CPAP from a 16 to a 9 and now it is perfect, I sleep so well now. Go back and talk to your sleep DR

  17. NOAHFROG Says:

    I’ve lost 84 lbs …
    I’ve lost 84 lbs and now I’m swallowing air with my c-pap. My stomach is full of air almost every morning. It can hurt for hours! I need to go have another sleep study… 🙁

  18. massagegoddess Says:

    My webcam is very …
    My webcam is very light sensitive, I can tape in a dark room, but I usually have daylight for most my videos. My webcam is very good. Google Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
    Model #: LOG 960000048 that is the one I have. I love it!!!

  19. MoodyBlueEyes Says:

    Hi Amelia, This is …
    Hi Amelia, This is totally off topic, but the lighting in your videos is always great. Do you tape in lots of daylight always or do you use special lighting of some kind? If I record in lower light I start having an audio/video sync problem.

  20. iltommyd Says:


  21. massagegoddess Says:

    I am 226 biotch
    I am 226 biotch

  22. massagegoddess Says:

    SHUT UP!!! Wow, I …
    SHUT UP!!! Wow, I thought I was special!

  23. iltommyd Says:

    oh, I am offended …
    oh, I am offended alright, don’t call me out in you’re videos!!!!!!!!! Well at least I’am 227.3

  24. HeavenSlut07 Says:

    You can do it gal!
    You can do it gal!

  25. Spartan488to300 Says:

    Less is better and …
    Less is better and I think you are making the right decision in cutting back instead of stopping all together. Being tired would make adjusting to the new life (less calories and more output ) harder I would think. Anyway just M.H.O. keep up the great work

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