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Cpap:Philips Respironics EasyLife Nasal vs Resmed SoftGel Nasal

February 26th, 2010

Cpap:Philips Respironics EasyLife Nasal vs Resmed SoftGel Nasal

What is CPAP therapy?
CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. A CPAP machine provides air at a prescribed pressure through a tube and CPAP mask to a person with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. CPAP therapy provides a constant airflow which holds the airway open so that uninterrupted breathing is maintained during sleep. This eliminates sleep apnea events and allows the patient to get a restful sleep.

The pressure of the air is determined during your sleep study and your doctor will prescribe you a CPAP machine at that pressure.

CPAP therapy is traditionally provided through a nasal mask that seals around the nose. However, more innovative and comfortable options are available and advances in the delivery of CPAP therapy are continually occurring.

For instance: CPAPs with that boast FLEX or EPS technology will offer you exhalation relief. APAP, BiPAP and BiLevel machines offer various levels of pressure throughout the night and exhalation relief.

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[youtube 7mVq08iQG0Y]

10 Responses

  1. Weewinkle7 Says:

    I commend you on …
    I commend you on this review, it will help someone else choose who’s deciding between these two. My mom also had issues with sleep apnea, she is medium but used to be bigger. She lost weight (unintentionally) as a result of stress and physical demands from her job. All her problems stopped after she lost weight. I hope you’re switching to a little healthier diet and taking exercise & lots of water because sleep apnea is directly related to weight. This can completely cure your condition.

  2. wayyonder Says:

    Remember Its …
    Remember Its important to change those gel masks…over time, the gel will loose shape and more air will escape…

    I was wondering why my hub’s CPAP was making so much noise than normal. His softgel was wearing. He needed to change them often….

    Love your vids !

  3. familygoingnatural Says:

    i have that too, …
    i have that too,dark red marks

  4. familygoingnatural Says:

    Does your mask …
    Does your mask irritate your monroe piercing? no,but mines is heal.
    i wouldnt do it.

  5. compassion66 Says:

    Resmed I believe. I …
    Resmed I believe. I haven’t used it since we moved. I couldn’t even find my black bag that carries my machine. However, I have used all the masks I saw you showing us.

  6. JustSomeLady Says:

    I have the …
    I have the Respironics comfortgel full face mask. Does your mask irritate your monroe piercing? I’m thinking about getting one and I’m worried if the mask will stop it from healing.

  7. keytone20 Says:

    I have issue with …
    I have issue with my mine, it fits but it makes lines and dark marks on my face. Do they have battery operated cpap machines? In my area we have a lot of power outages

  8. familygoingnatural Says:

    whats the name of …
    whats the name of ur mask?

  9. queenrella77 Says:

    I use the Mirage …
    I use the Mirage Quattro…and it started out being nice…it is bulky!!! Also I have a problem with the :::CAUTION; TMI::: collection of drool…lol….it also marks my face from the suction of the mask…idk. I try the one with only the nostrils one…and the over the nose one. All of them have different negitive aspects to them. Hopefully they will come up with a true comfortable option to the cpap mask. Good video thanks….{QR}

  10. compassion66 Says:

    I feel like I’m …
    I feel like I’m being smothered in mine. I wake up in terror sometimes. I stopped wearing it for a while. I’m scared of it.

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