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Introduction To The Sleep Lab: Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

October 17th, 2009

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This video is to help people understand the process that one typically goes through to get diagnosed with sleep apnea and also to find the pressure setting ideal for that patient. More videos can be seen at

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23 Responses

  1. jacklanting Says:

    man i can’t sleep
    man i can’t sleep

  2. VERB65 Says:

    I had my clinic …
    I had my clinic visit last night it was a complete success. My nurse came in my room, and gave me the best blow job of my life. I slept like like a baby after shooting my jezz all over her face. They gave me this real cool jerk off toy and instucted my to use it just before a go to sleep every night. I should be cured after this. awesome highly recommened

  3. kreeestal4 Says:

    im a sleep tech and …
    im a sleep tech and i enjoy the feeling of helping people get better sleep. makes me happy

  4. baitshppatty Says:

    OHMIGOSH – I’ve had …
    OHMIGOSH – I’ve had an CPAP for approximately 3 weeks and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Yep, there is some adjustment – but I FEEL SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. Who knew? If you are in doubt, PLEASE seek medical advice – it WILL change your life.

  5. baitshppatty Says:

    BRAVO! I had my …
    BRAVO! I had my clinic last night and my nurse all but told me I had sleep apnea. I slept with a CPAP from 1AM till 6AM. Nuttin to it. I CAN’T wait tp get my own machiine!!!! I’m soooooo tired of being tired!

  6. leftwingwacko Says:

    I woke up several …
    I woke up several times Friday and Saturday night but only once last night. I am finally getting used to the CPAP. I have felt really alert the last few days and finally have enough energy to start a diet and exercise. I think this will be a life changeing experiance for me.

  7. baitshppatty Says:

    How was your first …
    How was your first night with the machine. Wasd it uncomfortable? Did you feel rested it the morning?

  8. leftwingwacko Says:

    I took one because …
    I took one because I’m the nervous type in strange new environments . Tonight is my first night home with the CPAP machine. I was diagnosed with severe sleep Apnea. 3,500 dollars for the thing(i have to pay 10% of it). I hope it will make be feel better because I have felt exhausted and sick for the past few years.

  9. baitshppatty Says:

    I don’t think I’ll …
    I don’t think I’ll need the Ambien – I can fall asleep ANY TIME, ANY WHERE…I KNOW I’ve got sleep apnea..I told the lab when a previewed the place, that they could put the leads on me NOW and get the results – they said they need at least 6-1/2 hours of observing to evaluate. I hope the other evaluees say “I heard you snoring!!!” in the morning…..

  10. baitshppatty Says:

    I checked out the …
    I checked out the sleep lab I’m going to next Wed. Very nice — they have cable and a DVD player and encourage you to bring a movie….

  11. leftwingwacko Says:

    Also, I think the …
    Also, I think the tech will probably let you try a CPAP machine before you go to sleep in case they find you have Sleep Apnea. I was relieved the Tech let me try it for about 5 minutes before I went to sleep so I knew what to expect if he woke me in the middle of the night to wear it. I actually kind of enjoyed being able to breath and sleep for once at night. The tech said he was sure I have Sleep Apnea but the DR must be the one to make the final decision.

  12. leftwingwacko Says:

    I went last night, …
    I went last night, I recommend you to contact your Doctor and ask for a 10Mg Ambien just in caseyou can’t fall asleep. I fell asleep in less than 15 minutes at 9:30 pm. The Tech woke me up 1:30AM and put the CPAP on me and than I woke up at 5:00AM an was free to go. I will goback to buy a Machine later this Week after thr DR. reads my results.

  13. baitshppatty Says:

    Did you go? I have …
    Did you go? I have set an appointment for my ‘sleep over’ on Feb. 11th. I think this must be the EASIEST test EVER GIVEN…..You show up, you go to sleep, no muss no fuss. How was it?

  14. vicgaudreau Says:

    I don’t think I …
    I don’t think I could ever fall asleep with all those things on me.

  15. timkim72 Says:

    ONLY people with …
    ONLY people with insurance can afford to get “a chance to live”
    I wish I was a lawyer…

  16. GH4L Says:

    how expensive …
    how expensive exactly is this treatment or can this service be provided with insurance?? pst

  17. libarsh Says:

    The Snoring Isn’t …
    The Snoring Isn’t Sexy website encourages patients to discuss their experiences with CPAP, Dental Mouthpieces and Pillar procedure. Visit the “Patient Comments” section and rate your appliance, CPAP or surgical procedure’s effectiveness.

  18. 1992peter Says:

    Good luck.

    When …
    Good luck.

    When will you have it?

    Will you do a video of you all hooked up?

  19. AnimaSola3o4 Says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video!! I most likely have sleep apnea but have been so apprehensive about the sleep study that i have been putting it off for a very long time. I think I’ll call on monday and set it up.

  20. 1992peter Says:

    Will be allowed to …
    Will be allowed to bring a portable CD player if I’m referred to a hospital for a sleep study?

  21. 1992peter Says:

    I think I may have …
    I think I may have OSA.

    I wake up in the middle of the night with a LOUD snort, and for the next minute or so, I’m gasping for breath.

    Cd that be a sign?

  22. UglySean Says:

    A refresher course. …
    A refresher course. I’ve been on a few sleep studies already and gained a CPAP because of it. I have to go for another one on Saturday.

  23. Sleep Guide Says:

    This is a good video, but I found another two very interesting videos about sleep study here:

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