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My Cpap machine for my sleep apnea

December 19th, 2009

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Remember you dont have to snore to have sleep apnea cause I dont. Mine is more gasping or choking in my sleep.

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  1. sublet86 Says:

    I’m just so happy …
    I’m just so happy it works for you! Hugs Sue

  2. wildheart5 Says:

    I am so happy you …
    I am so happy you are sleeping well!!! Makes a huge difference, doesn’t it!!

  3. twish1999 Says:

    Oh that’s great!
    Oh that’s great!

  4. charlambe Says:

    thanks guys. Happy …
    thanks guys. Happy Memorial day to you both.

  5. charlambe Says:

    yeah mine is really …
    yeah mine is really quit it might have a small hum as well. But nothing bad. Yes you can set the humidifer up and down on it. I have mine on low only because I tend to dry out in my sleep. The moisture helps me with the machine. He must got the nose pillow one. I got the full mask because I didnt want to worry about my mouth opening in my sleep. Cause when I get cold I know I sleep with my mouth open. This way it wont matter.

  6. charlambe Says:

    oh your dad is so …
    oh your dad is so right. I cannot tell you how much better I sleep. I still wake up in the night several times on my own but they said it would take me awhile to get use to it. But I have no trouble with the mask now. I actually enjoy going to sleep.

  7. charlambe Says:

    yes I had a sleep …
    yes I had a sleep study done and I stopped breathing 89.9 times an hour. I sleep with the mask on now with no trouble at all. I am amazed at how it doesnt bother me now and might even exstend my life. thank you. I will make an updated video.

  8. charlambe Says:

    thank you. I truely …
    thank you. I truely believe it’s going to work for me.

  9. charlambe Says:

    I tell ya at first …
    I tell ya at first I was like there’s no way but after a few days now in my sleep when I wake up. I am like is this thing on cause i cannot tell it is blowing at all. But then I move my mask and I am like yes it’s blowing. lol I actually enjoy going to sleep now.

  10. charlambe Says:

    oh there’s tons of …
    oh there’s tons of mask to choose from. I choose this one because I tend to be a mouth sleeper sometimes. So I didnt want to worry about that part. The mask is not bad I am in my own world with it. I will make a updated video.

  11. charlambe Says:

    I slept with it at …
    I slept with it at the sleep lab. But this video was the first night i had it home with me and doing it myself. First night was tough getting us to it but now after several days I look forward to sleeping with it. Isn’t that strange?

  12. charlambe Says:

    if you have to get …
    if you have to get one of these machines and at first you feel like there is no way. Dont give up. I am here to testify this thing is already starting to help me. I can’t believe how after just a few days I can put it on my face at full force and go to sleep without having to start slow. love ya

  13. charlambe Says:

    mine is very quit …
    mine is very quit unless my mask hose comes off then it sounds like a blow dryer. But as long as the hose it connected and there is no air sipping out it’s very quit. My husband said he can’t even tell I have it on unless he looks.

  14. charlambe Says:

    girly I am home. 😀 …
    girly I am home. 😀 did ya miss me? lol I missed you.
    Yes I have to wear it all night. I am going to make a updated video to let you guys know about my exsperience with it. I think people would find it very ineteresting. 😀
    I actually love the machine now.

  15. charlambe Says:

    ya know I thought I …
    ya know I thought I would be claustrophobic with it. But it’s nothing like I feared. With me I dont snore so I was one of those that you just dont know until you get the test done if I have sleep apnea or not. I am so glad I did it. I will have to make a updated video since this one.

  16. JesseAndMike Says:

    We hope the new …
    We hope the new machine works great for you 😀 Happy Memorial Day Charlene! 😀

  17. blubutterfly07 Says:

    the machine you …
    the machine you have looks like justins, i have no idea what number his is set at, his mask only goes over the nose.
    he only uses the humidifier if he is got a head cold, i guess it can be optional… i really have no idea.
    good luck using it, im sure after a few nights you will get use to it. the machine moter makes a little humming sound which was annoying for me when justin first got his but now when he goes out of town and i dont herar the sound it takes me forever to go to sleep sometimes

  18. wildheart5 Says:

    Best of luck with …
    Best of luck with your CPAP. It must be scary at first to use it. My dad has one and he said it took him a few nights to get used to it, but now he gets a good night’s sleep and it made a world of difference to him. I will be anxious to hear how you feel tomorrow!!!

  19. sugarandlance Says:

    That machine is …
    That machine is cool looking. Did you have to do a sleep study? Your supposed to sleep with that on? Really? Good luck honey! 🙂

  20. GeorgiaBoy77 Says:

    Good luck with the …
    Good luck with the new machine.

  21. jellybean4501 Says:

    I hope it works for …
    I hope it works for you, I thought about getting one myself but I wonder how awkward it would be to sleep with that on my face.. Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  22. debbiez112 Says:

    I hope it helps you …
    I hope it helps you feel more rested. I know I have sleep apnea but have never went and had the sleep study done yet because I hate the thoughts of sleeping with the mask on. I have heard many people say it really does help them feel better though so it is a small sacrifice to feel more rested and become healthier. Good Luck!

  23. LatteSue Says:

    I’ve never seen one …
    I’ve never seen one of those before. Very informative and I’m sure very helpful for many people.
    So was Friday night the first night you used it or will tonight be the first night? I know you posted this today but maybe you made the video Friday? Just curious how you slept. Let us know.


  24. dizzylizzybeth Says:

    Good Luck Char!!! …
    Good Luck Char!!! Thanks for the info, I am getting a sleep study soon.

    Love you!

  25. twish1999 Says:

    Is there a noise …
    Is there a noise from the machine itself?

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