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Sleep Apnea

September 18th, 2009

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes a person to stop breathing for short periods of time during their sleep. The most effective way to treat this condition is with continuous positive airway pressure, also known as CPAP.

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25 Responses

  1. johnnyXsniper Says:

    me too, also like …
    me too, also like drifting into semi consciousness struggling for breath then jolting awake gasping for air. its horrible, dad has it so i think il get checked

  2. KJT922010T Says:

    Im not sure if I …
    Im not sure if I have Sleep Apnea, I wake up and im still tired. Then I find it easy to sleep in the day :[

  3. Monotone09 Says:

    i wonder if i have …
    i wonder if i have it

  4. EsotericAdept Says:

    There’s 2 other …
    There’s 2 other ways to deal with it, AND BEAT IT!

    Care to know how, WITHOUT sticking some
    gadget on your face???

    Why would anyone need a Doctor to CURE SOMETHING YOU CAN CURE, and even use
    it for other blocks in your life????

  5. SudiArabia Says:

    My dad has been …
    My dad has been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, and I have the report from the sleep lab that says so with all the details that come with the test result. How do I get him one of these machines? And how do I choose which one is good for him?

    I can’t take him to a doctor because he refuses to admit that he has the problem.

  6. ChiefWiggim Says:

    They started me out …
    They started me out on mask fitting night at pressure 13 when I woke up they had me at 28 and told me that they couldnt go any higher because it was just starting to leak around the mask. They said I have it realy bad. When they took the mask off it was like someone covering my mouth and nose!! I didnt realize how much effort I put into breathing.

  7. ChiefWiggim Says:

    My wife told me it …
    My wife told me it sounded like I stopped breathing at night and she would wake me up to get me breathing. So I went for the test. I had my first test a month ago and I found out I have it extreme!! I stop breathing 93 times an hour!! This week I had my night for mask fitting and dam I felt like a new person!! I never could sleep on my back but with the mask I stayed on my back the whole night!! I cant wait for my follow up with my doc so I can get the machine installed in my home.

  8. fd9w4dncm Says:

    I think I KNOW I …
    I think I KNOW I have sleep apnea, ‘cus it fits my life so good!

  9. fd9w4dncm Says:

    Me too! I’m …
    Me too! I’m thinking of seeing a doctor

  10. mia19angel Says:

    sometimes, it’s not …
    sometimes, it’s not about weight. other things can obstruct your breathing, like tonsils or just genetic stuff.

  11. mia19angel Says:

    ask someone who is …
    ask someone who is sleeping in the same room/bed with you to observe whether you stop breathing during your sleep. with my dad, he snores, so it is really easy to tell if he is breathing or not. sometimes, he stops for about 15 seconds at a time.

  12. monica24b Says:

    I think I might …
    I think I might have sleep apnea, but I’m not overweight?! I was having so much trouble sleeping today.

  13. marcusebrawner Says:

    how can u tell if u …
    how can u tell if u have it?

  14. zahidameen1 Says:

    Itsa serious …
    Itsa serious condition which can kill you. One of my freinds was not fat when he was digonosed with sleep apnea. It slows down your metabolism which cause you to gain weight at faster pace. In his case; He gain 50LBS with in a year. Fater you get, this condition get worsen. So best thing to do is to excersise regularly and keep using the C-pep machine or a jaw band that hold your jaw in close position to re-train you to breath through your nose ( depends on the severity of the condition)

  15. NamekianPikkoro7 Says:


  16. shanewoods39 Says:

    it will make you …
    it will make you feel like superman… even on the first night used!!!!

  17. freefalln329 Says:

    Im not fat and I …
    Im not fat and I was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and cat wait to get this machine.

  18. HoGraz Says:

    I would have to say …
    I would have to say being overweight and sleep apnea go hand in hand. You could just have poor sleep and end up getting overweight because you are trying to cope with the depression (plus your metabolism is probably down too). Then once you’re overweight you have sleep apnea. It’s not always a Point A leads to Point B sort of thing. I know people that have been able to lose weight as well because of this machine.

  19. LoveNeden Says:

    um…that’s an …
    um…that’s an extremely offensive comment. Most OVERWEIGHT people have it, yes (like me) and it is a problem. But please don’t say “fat” it’s rude.

  20. baitshppatty Says:

    Nope, not really – …
    Nope, not really – I have it and is has alot to dio with facial structure and GENES

  21. cn101cn101c Says:

    does anyone ever …
    does anyone ever notice that mostly fat people have sleep apnea. my dad has it and he was told that to lose weight would help and he is fat and he now has this machine.

  22. musicmarc35 Says:

    I have just been …
    I have just been diagnosed with Sleep Apena, and have done all the test and will hopefully be getting the machine soon.

  23. sleepyvlog Says:

    Agreed. I’ve never …
    Agreed. I’ve never been fat but I have severe obstructive apnea.

  24. sleepyvlog Says:

    I wondered the same …
    I wondered the same thing when the sleep doctor offered me ambien and said it would not skew the test. He seems like a smart guy and has been doing this for many years so I trust that he’s right.

  25. FastJohnnyNardGard Says:

    Snoring isn’t sexy? …
    Snoring isn’t sexy? No, common sense tells you that. A CPAP machine.. now that’s sexy. Oh god I can’t wait till the next lady I bring home sees my CPAP machine.. it’s gonna make her taco POP!

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