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Sleep Apnea 5: Deus ex Machina

November 11th, 2009

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My CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine arrives and Jim (the respiratory therapist) shows me how to use it.

Much thanks to Jim for his patience and dedication. I have been lucky to have the best healthcare providers in this experience.

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23 Responses

  1. jball1954 Says:

    The “contraption” …
    The “contraption” actually DOES address the weight problem. Sleep apnea can contribute to being overweight, and treatment can help you lose weight. Be informed before mouthing off.

  2. the49ersuck Says:

    going for my sleep …
    going for my sleep study next week. was just wondering how the mask and all that goes with it is going? are you still using it? on a scale of 1-10 how much do you think it has helped you? thank you for the info.

  3. AmethystAngeleyes Says:

    I’ve been using my …
    I’ve been using my cpap since june 3/09 i use a fisher-paykel flexifit 407, very comfie but i have the red mark
    across the bridge of my nose…started at a “pimple” type thing….gonna try remzzz liners and see if that helps……did your red marks ever stop???

  4. 1992peter Says:

    Well done.

    I am …
    Well done.




  5. 1992peter Says:

    The tubes are …
    The tubes are called cannuli.

    Or a cannula.

    They fit in your nostrils, and they seal tightly, so that air can be pressed in.

    Pressurized air.

  6. DollarWord Says:

    I am interested to …
    I am interested to know how you are feeling now? Is your well being dramatically improved?

  7. DlVlNATl0Nx Says:

    I just heard news …
    I just heard news that my Uncle has this.

    I’d send him your vids but he doesn’t go online. Haven’t seen or spoken to him directly. I’ll send the links to my cousin and she’ll show him. I’m sure you covered something he doesn’t know.

    … and I thought I’d tell you. 🙂

  8. OHTXAZ Says:

    My Husband Was On …
    My Husband Was On The Bi-Pap When He Was Alive. He Had ALS. He Had A Tube Like Thing With Two Nostrel Insertins. ;0)

  9. OHTXAZ Says:

    I’m Just The …
    I’m Just The Opposite. I Can Actually Remember Mine Again. ;0)

  10. OHTXAZ Says:

    I Have That Same …
    I Have That Same Machine With the Exception Of The Display Window. I Just Recently Started Useing Mine After Haveing It For A Couple Months, And I Am Finding That I Feel Much Better With It On. I Went To Visit My Son, And It Was Easy To Pack & Go. It Is Great That You Made This Video. Have A Great Week ;0)

  11. grandplans Says:

    wow, I had always …
    wow, I had always wondered how those machines work. my doctor wants to do a series of sleep tests on me. She thinks I may have it. thanks for sharing.

  12. novmoon Says:

    very nice machine, …
    very nice machine, it drops pressure before you fall a sleep very nice, you can get a nose mask that just goes in your nostrils, people find it more comfortable. I bet you are resting so much better, great for ya. If you sleep with your mouth open you can get a full mask it covers your nose and mouth. Cpap keeps your Aveoli open at all times.

  13. FantasticBabblings Says:

    It is amazing how …
    It is amazing how well the machine works. I’ve grown accustomed to it. Putting it on is still an inconvenience, but once it is on I have no problem sleeping with it.

  14. tunisianswife Says:

    fantastic, …
    fantastic, informative series. So glad to see by your comments that you are starting to feel ‘normal’ again.

  15. FantasticBabblings Says:

    The mask is …
    The mask is irritating my face, but the Dr. has prescribed a different one. We’ll see.

  16. TonyDi Says:

    What a contraption. …
    What a contraption. Takes some getting used to I know from the accounts of friends who use them. BUT the benefits are paramount. Makes for more restful, peaceful and refreshing sleep. Hope it works for you. Must consider getting checked out to be sure things aren’t bad otherwise it’s time to consider things like this. THANKS for a great series Phil on a really important issue.

  17. FantasticBabblings Says:

    I already feel ten …
    I already feel ten years younger. You notice the results very quickly.

  18. debbiez112 Says:

    another great video …
    another great video. I enjoyed the whole series. Lots of good information. I hope this makes you feel 10 years younger.

  19. DorothyDandrich Says:

    I should be able to …
    I should be able to get one of those at a garage sale

  20. FantasticBabblings Says:

    Thank you, Val. The …
    Thank you, Val. The mask is still irritating, but I called the doc’s office today and requested a different kind and he wrote a scrip for it. I should have it in a couple of days.

  21. DameEdithDivine Says:

    Thanks for this …
    Thanks for this really good and important video. I watched it with interest all the way through. I like the way you used two cameras. I had never known exactly what was involved with the machine before, and have a new respect for the difficulties involved with sleep apnea. I hope you’ve resolved the problems with the irritation from the face mask. Upward and Onward! Pleasant dreams, my friend!

  22. FantasticBabblings Says:

    I am feeling so …
    I am feeling so much better. And the poor babies have helped me as much as cpap!

  23. FantasticBabblings Says:

    Hurricane level! …
    Hurricane level! lol! Mine is 12 and I am so used to it, sometimes I have to open my mouth to make sure there is pressure there. I’ll adapt to anything if it will save my life.

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