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Sleep Apnea, Alternate to CPAP

January 29th, 2010

Would you like to learn about an alternative to CPAP. An oral appliance might just be your answer. Watch to learn more or visit

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[youtube 2yWQphnjsyw]

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  1. atlantachamp Says:

    actually i agree …
    actually i agree that it does not help everyone. However for those who are non compliant with CPAP this is an option. I do also work in a sleep medicine clinic and we get great success with oral appliance therapy. The cost is less and medical insurance does pay for this form of treatment.

  2. shawnface77 Says:

    Oral appliances do …
    Oral appliances do not prevent collapse of the airway. You’re looking at 3G for a properly fitted one with no guarantee of results. I work in a sleep lab, if you need CPAP, stay on CPAP.

  3. libarsh Says:

    The Snoring Isn’t …
    The Snoring Isn’t Sexy website encourages patients to discuss their experiences with CPAP, Dental Mouthpieces and Pillar procedure. Visit the “Patient Comments” section and rate your appliance, CPAP or surgical procedure’s effectiveness.

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