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Sleep Apnea & My CPAP

May 13th, 2010

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Sleep Apnea & My CPAP

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  1. RosePetals65 Says:

    Hey Girl,
    I …

    Hey Girl,
    I convinced they tell everyone considering the band that they have sleep apnea..anywho, I am not using mine as recommended …just for me, its too uncomfortable – I spend more time awake then I did asleep…good luck

  2. redqtpie77 Says:

    LOL hun it will get …
    LOL hun it will get better and you will be able to tell the difference after you use it for awhile and then go a night without.

  3. redqtpie77 Says:

    I have the nasal …
    I have the nasal mask (the one you didn’t like) and yes after awhile you do get use to it. Some ppl say put a little vasaline around the inside of your nose to keep it from drying out. I haven’t done that yet but it could help. The nasal mask is easier for me cause I’m a wild sleeper and it’s less stuff on my face. I may post a video just for you modeling off my must have bedroom stylish sleeping gear.

  4. redqtpie77 Says:

    LMBO I do the …
    LMBO I do the samething for boom boom time. He could care less about that mask.

  5. MissKimmy73 Says:

    Sky you are so …
    Sky you are so funny!! I fell asleep without it the other night and I noticed the next day i was so sleepy and I was actually nodding as I drove to school. I guess it does make a big difference. I tried not to put it on until right before I went to sleep, but I ended up falling asleep w/o it. From now on I will just put it on when I lay down. I know its important so I’m going to wear it.

  6. sky8725 Says:

    Girl, my husband …
    Girl, my husband could care less about that mask. I just pop that thing off for boom boom time..LOL.. He sees it as soo important because it’s literally saving my life. A boyfriend or husband will understand:-) Good luck @ the doctors sweetie and if you get a new mask, let us see it. I’ll do the same.

  7. sky8725 Says:

    As far as the itchy …
    As far as the itchy nose, that happens every night to me, I lift that mask slightly and slip my nail in there and scratch. I don’t have to take the whole thing off. If you do take it off, just hold your breath when you quick put it back on. I can whip that thing on and off soo fast now, it’s not a problem. I’m going back to my specialist because of the rings around my nose. The air should not slip out the side of our masks like that. Also, my throat gets dry when I run out of water in the tank.

  8. sky8725 Says:

    Hey chick…Great …
    Hey chick…Great video. As I said before I’m so proud of you for being your own advocate. These doctors!! Sheesh! babe, that’s the exact same one I have. My problem is I think I have to get it refit, because it’s left dark spots on my face frm the pressure against my skin. Like the bridge area of my nose and along side my nose where the mask is rubbing against it. Air seeps out the side of mine too and I’ve got that thing soo tight on my face that’s probably why I have the dark areas.

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