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September 8th, 2010

Nasivent Tube – Anti Snoring Aid

The NASIVENT Tube® helps the group of people whose snoring  is caused by a nasal blockage.

When inserted into the nose the Nasivent Tubes take on the form of the nose without distortion or putting you nose under pressure, opening the nostrils and making breathing through the nose easier.

This makes sleeping while lying on your side considerable easier with the easier breathing through the nose helping to reduce or even stop snoring due to the fact that sleeping on the back is reduced.

The material that the Nasivent Tube is manuafactured from is FDA/CE approved material.

THE ARGUMENTS FOR USING NASIVENT Tube® as promoted by the manufacturer are….

  1. NASIVENT Tube® helps in 84% of all cases with having sold over the million units in Europe…
  2. Tested and recommended by many E.N.T. doctors…
  3. The NASIVENT Tube® is Comfortable, Safe and normally does not irritate (The same Silicone as used for Contact-Lenses and medical implant uses)…
  4. NasiVent Tube comes in 4 different sizes for different sized noses …
  5. Almost always the perfect fit for every nose, without any pressure…
  6. Does NOT slip out of the nose while sleeping due perfect fit…
  7. Helps to stop or reduces snoring and even Sleep Apnea in 84%……. ENDORSING BY ENT DOCTORS:

Product Features

* BREAKTHROUGH in Anti Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Tested by E.N.T. Doctors (See list in images above).
* The Most Comfortable Soft Medical Silicone Tube. Free of any side effect. NasiVent end’s Harmful Mouth Breathing.
* Allow’s you to Sleep on your Side again and Breathing FREE through the Nose. The Natural way of Breathing.
* As Not One Nose is the same, NasiVent Comes in 4 Different Sizes for a Perfect Personal Fit. Does NOT slip out.
* For Just a Healthy Sleep without Snoring and Apnea and dry mouth. German Design. Money back Guarantee.



a little skeptical,
May 25, 2010
I was a little skeptical about any product that can cure snoring, but not anymore–this product works! My wife and I had gotten used to waking up in separate beds as I would leave when awakened by her snoring. It’s comfortable, high quality and fits well. In fact, we both use them. With 4 sizes in a package, one fits me and the smaller one works for my wife. Now we’re both happy and sleeping well–together.

Works Great,
June 6, 2010

I have been using this nasivent tube for several weeks now and have enjoyed good results from it. Too little airflow through my right nostril is a key problem for me, so I surmise this product would be quite helpful for people with deviated septums. The Nasivent tube has fallen out of my nose a couple times while asleep, but this is not due to poor product quality, but rather my abnormal nasal anatomy that makes fitting the tube into my right nostril a bit tricky (I have implanted alloderm tissue on my right lateral wall that compensates for a removed inferior turbinate, and the tube bumps into that). If my nose was normal, it would probably fit snug, as it does in my left nostril. The silicone material is quite comfortable and, as soon as I place it in my nose, I can sense the air I am inhaling significantly better. It’s like air whips right into my nose.

I use this product in combination with an oral appliance and, together, both have effectively solved my sleep apnea. As a result, my sleep quality is excellent now, for the first time in years. No more guessing on whether I will wake up feeling restful or tired. Rather, I always wake up rested whenever using this combination, and I in fact have found that I sleep better with this than with the CPAP, the latter of which can be noisy and takes much more maintenance. No more CPAP for me!

I highly recommend the nasivent tube.

No Help At All,
July 3, 2010

This product didn’t help my snoring at all. They are also over-priced at $24.94 in my opinion as they are nothing but flexible little plastic tubes. The tubes fit in my nose fine, but I could feel that they were there which was uncomfortable. My partner also told me that my snoring was actually worse the one night I wore them. I do better with breathe-right nasal strips. They aren’t perfect, but I do snore much less when I wear them. I’ll keep looking for a better solution.

Probably Doesn’t Cure Sleep Apnea But Sure Helps
August 16, 2010

This product is the Nasivent Tube, which is similar to the Nozovent strip. Which one you’ll prefer may be a matter of personal preference.
The manufacturer claims this product will resolve or treat snoring. i don’t know about the underlying causes but it certainly can help.

The product is composed to two short tubes, of differing sizes to fit different nostrils, each pair of tubes connected by a short plastic strip. You place a pair of tubes that fit properly into each nostril and they hold open you nasal passages to improve the flow of air, particularly when sleeping. The improvement is obvious and they do help reduce mouth breathing and snoring.

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