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Sticky: Sleep Apnea PSA

October 24th, 2009

A public service announcement from the American Sleep Apnea Association

Duration : 0:0:35

[youtube nlFzQvHqihY]

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  1. metlfan2003 Says:

    Is there anything …
    Is there anything someone w. no (or shitty) health insurance can do? I don’t get company supplied health insurance, but I have a policy on my own and it costs a fortune, and covers nothing. Going to the doctor about this at this point is impossible.

  2. slack7639 Says:

    I just put on a …
    I just put on a dust mite mattress cover, & it has cleared up my chronic stuffy nose of 20+ years! I think the pillow covers help too. I also cleared out everything in my bedroom & the surrounding area, got rid of particle board furniture, & use the Neti Pot … I drink distilled water, eat organic fruits & veg, & have gotten rid of fragrances in soaps & cleaning products (lookup uses of Borax, baking soda, & salt). I try to get rid of environmental contaminants that are all around us today.

  3. BoyMejo Says:

    I was diagnosed …
    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea four years ago, and my life changed for the better ever since.

  4. gratewhitehuntr Says:

    Fire at will !
    Fire at will !

  5. shadoweaglebear Says:

    i have been in …
    i have been in treatment for two years now. sleep is compleatly differant with treatment. it helped in every day life. memory and everything else improved. the nurses was surprised i was still alive.

  6. libarsh Says:

    The Snoring Isn’t …
    The Snoring Isn’t Sexy website encourages patients to discuss their experiences with CPAP, Dental Mouthpieces and Pillar procedure. Visit the “Patient Comments” section and rate your appliance, CPAP or surgical procedure’s effectiveness.

  7. cbreeze1525 Says:

    I just went to my …
    I just went to my sleep study last night, and the doctors called today and said I have severe sleep apnea. I know how this man feels. This is nothing to mess around with, it can kill you. The sad part is, if you should die from this, it can be missed and documented as, death of natural causes. Please see your doctor as soon as possible the CPAP machine will change your life and even save it.

  8. 1992peter Says:

    I’m sorry to hear …
    I’m sorry to hear this.

    I just got tested last night.

    I DO NOT have OSA!!!!!!!!!

  9. AttendsNylons Says:

    Well, if you do, …
    Well, if you do, it’s completely treatable. I highly suggest you get in to a sleep study if you even think you have it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. I now use a CPAP religiously and will shoot anyone who tries to take it away from me.

  10. SaSpirit Says:

    this is scary
    this is scary

  11. Skittlesofthecozmos Says:

    Yeah I have this, …
    Yeah I have this, wish I had health insurance, but not free health insurance.

  12. tipsofallsorts Says:

    If only snorers can …
    If only snorers can listen to their own snores!

    tipsofallsorts com/bulletin/health/snoring

  13. copykats Says:

    Good job …
    Good job sleepapneaed. Get the word out! People just don’t get it till they get it.

  14. hubied88 Says:

    Shit – I hope I …
    – I hope I don’t have sleep apnea…

  15. sleepapneaed Says:

    The public service …
    The public service announcement is really intended to get people’s attention and to go to our web site for more information.

    We are working posting more video to this site… stay tuned.


  16. Sami579 Says:

    Weak video for a …
    Weak video for a critical medical condition. Give it a try again, American Sleep Apnea Association!

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