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Marpac Sleepmate 580A White Noise Machine

February 22nd, 2011

Marpac Sleepmate 580A White Noise Machine

The Marpac Sleepmate 580A White Noise Machine creates a soft whooshing noise of moving air which conceals unwanted noises. The volume and sound of the noise can be changed by adjusting the cap or collar. The Marpac Sleepmate 580A operates at 60 dB which is the same volume as a normal conversation.

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Marpac Sleepmate 580A White Noise Machine

The Marpac Sleepmate 580A can be used to mask noises such as a snoring spouse, street noise, television and stereos, noisy neighbors, conversations and barking dogs. The small compact size means that it can fit into most luggage when traveling and doesn’t take up much room on a bedside table or office desk. Students would find a use for the Marpac Sleepmate 580A in dormitories to allow uninterrupted sleep or study. Office workers can use the Marpac Sleepmate 580A to cover up noises of clicking keyboards and conversations to improve concentration or to mask conversations for confidentiality. The white noise machine could also be used to add some noise in places that are too quiet.

Manufacturer’s features of the Marpac Sleepate 580A

  • Recommended for students, shift workers, restless sleepers, apartment dwellers, office workers and many others
  • “White noise” sound machine masks unwanted noise for use in the office, home and whilst travelling
  • Single speed
  • Different tone settings

Marpac Sleepmate 580AWhite Noise Machine

People who have bought and liked the Marpac Sleepmate 580A say

  • It is $10 cheaper than the Marpac Sleepmate 980 and only has one speed but performs well enough
  • There is no annoying glitch that prerecorded sounds have when the loop starts over
  • I can sleep better now
  • Street and people noise outside are drowned out.
  • The Marpac Sleepmate 580A can be used when travelling
  • It blocks out the sounds of the neighbor’s pets
  • Over 200 responses from users, less than 10% negative, see here.

People who did not like the Marpac Sleepmate 580A said that:

  • The sound of the Marac Sleepmate 580A is quite loud and left one person with ringing in their ears if they didn’t use earplugs
  • I can hear the sound of a fan motor within the nice whooshing white noise
  • Some said that the Sleepmate needed to be louder to block out daytime noises.

other people recommend the Marpac Sleepmate 980A as it is louder than the 580A – click here for more info

Marpac Sleepmate 580A White Noise Machine

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